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This Common Virus Test Could Save Your Life - And You Only Need It Every 5 Years!

29 May 2017

(The Finder)

Get vaccinated against cervical cancer: Docs

12 Oct 2016

(The Straits Times)

Cancer screening: Is more always better?

27 May 2015


HPV jabs would be of benefit to boys too

6 May 2015


Ways to prevent cervical cancer

3 Jul 2014

(The Straits Times)

Positively TEAL day

31 May 2012

(The Straits Times)

NUH Study - Vaccination reduces healthcare expenses due to Cervical Cancer and related diseases

23 Jul 2010

(Lianhe Zaobao)

Cervical Cancer: A jab in time can save mum and baby

3 Jul 2008

(Home, The Straits Times)

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