Leukaemia Infokit


General Information on Leukaemia


Understand more about Leukaemia, its risks, signs and symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and treatment options.


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Our Total Leukaemia Treatment Approach


Learn about NCIS' Total Leukaemia Care treatment approach, and explore the various treatment options available. 


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Leukaemia Online Resource Library


Equip yourself with more information about Leukaemia. Check out NCIS' Leukaemia online resource library and gain access to downloadable Leukaemia brochures and materials. 


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Leukaemia Support Programmes


Know that you are not alone. Find information about the support groups and resources available at NCIS for our patients, their familes and caregivers.


Find out more about our Leukaemia Support Group. 

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Leukaemia Treatment Team @ NCIS


Familiarise yourself with the team of medical professionals committed to the holistic prevention, management and cure of Leukaemia.


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Leukaemia Clinical Trials


Keep abreast on Leukaemia clinical trials being conducted at NCIS.


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Leukaemia Clinical Outcomes

Stay updated on Leukaemia clinical outcomes at NCIS.

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Leukaemia Media Coverage


Stay on top of NCIS' media coverage relating to Leukaemia.


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Leukaemia Research 

Be in the know of NCIS' research findings on Leukaemia.


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