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Our Total Leukaemia Care Treatment Approach

Here at the NCIS, we adopt a comprehensive and holistic three-prong Total Leukaemia Care approach in managing patients who have been diagnosed with Leukaemia.


Under the Total Leukaemia Care approach, emphasis is centred on the patient with clinical, research and educational initiatives focused on them.


We aim to continuously improve on the clinical management of Leukaemia by being involved in research on new treatment. We are also committed to patient education and various ways of support to walk with patients through their journey with Leukaemia.


Optimising Clinical Care

Leukaemia is considered a very heterogenous disease with varying patient survival rates. It is therefore crucial to identify characteristics of patients with different clinical behaviours to administer the suitable treatment process.


At the NCIS, through a risk stratified approach using cytogenetic and molecular testing, we are able provide the appropriate medical care by weighing the both the risks and benefits to give the best treatment outcome.


As part of the the standard Leukaemia treatment, we also offer Bone Marrow Transplantation to patients who would benefit from it. We have an excellent team of transplant physicians who are experienced in both autologous and the various types of allogeneic stem cell transplantations. We have an equally strong team of specialized nurses and allied healthcare professionals support the coordination, counselling and follow-up care of our Leukaemia patients.



Being such a varied disease, much research on continuously being done to improve the treatment outcome and to understand the nature of the disease. This will contribute to the development of new therapeutics in the future. We are also interested in the research on the quality of life and healthcare utilization to obtain a holistic management of Leukaemia here.


We have upcoming clinical trials that gives our patients an opportunity to potentially benefit from new treatment. This includes Phase 1 trials, targeted therapy as well as a cellular therapy in an up-and-coming promising field of immunotherapy.


Patient Education and Support

At the NCIS, we understand that patients afflicted with Leukaemia often feel overwhelmed by the amount and gravity of the information given by the healthcare team, as well as the quick succession of investigations that might need to be done for diagnosis and preparation for treatment.    


To provide our patients with a relatable support system to ease them through their journey with the illness, we offer the following support services and functions:


  • A Navigator – To act as a complementary contact point and coordination of medical care. 
  • Transplantation Nurse/Advance Practice Nurse – To support the transplantation physician in coordination and counselling of preparation for and long term care after the transplantation.
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals – This includes a medical social worker who provides emotional and financial support to our Leukaemia patients; a dietician who provides personalized advice on nutrition needs; the therapists who provide practical rehabilitation guidance.
  • Patient Support Groups/Befrienders – To embrace patients into a larger support community of like-minded individuals who are there to listen and share their experiences in dealing with the illness.


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