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Liver Cancer Risk for Male Hepatitis B Carriers above 45 Years Old 11 Sep 2014
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Media Articles
Liver cancer difficult to treat due to huge tumour variations

26 Oct 2016

(The Straits Times)

40 strangers offer to be donors

5 Nov 2014

(The New Paper)

Detect liver cancer early with free health screenings 

22 Sep 2014

(The Straits Times)

年过45岁男性B型肝炎带菌者 每半年体检有助及早发现肝癌

13 Sep 2014

(Lianhe Zaobao)

Lelaki 45 tahun ke atas dinasihati jalani pemeriksaan Hepatitis B

12 Sep 2014

(Berita Harian)

6年前发现肝癌 动四次手术 阿伯成抗癌战士

11 Sep 2014

(Shin Min Daily)

Rare liver cancer baby boy cuts liver to save life


13 Jul 2010

(Lianhe Wanbao)

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