Singapore Liver Cancer Support Group

The Singapore Liver Cancer Support Group was established in September 2011. The group was formed to help patients and their loved ones cope with the disease before, during and after treatment. The support group organizes activities for its members such as educational talks to social networking events.

The Singapore Liver Cancer Support Group conducts regular meetings as well as ad-hoc sessions as and when there is a need for new patient orientation support group discussions. These sessions include sharing sessions and talks on relevant subjects and will be organised and chaired by a HPB nurse clinician. During each session, a HPB surgeon, a hepatologist or medical oncologists will be invited to give a short talk on liver cancer and provide their clinical expertise. 


The group is open to all Singaporeans, PRs or any patients seeking treatment in Singapore and not limited to any hospitals/institutions. Membership is free and volunteers and patients are free to come forward to help or if they are in need of help.

The Singapore Liver Cancer Support Group is led by specialists and healthcare professionals. These include Liver Cancer Surgeons, Liver Specialists and Cancer Specialists, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

To find out more about the Singapore Liver Support Group and keep updated on their activities and events, visit their Facebook page here.

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