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Our Total Liver Cancer Care Treatment Approach

The NCIS is the only cancer centre in Singapore to provide a TOTAL liver cancer care treatment approach from early detection techniques to new advanced liver directed therapies to liver surgery and transplants.

Some key components under the NCIS' total liver cancer care treatment approach include:

Identification and Management of Risk Factors

Our total liver cancer care treatment approach involves identification and management of risk factors for liver cancer. These include screening for Hepatitis B and C infections, liver cirrhosis, early detection of liver cancers and counselling for alcohol dependence. Our comprehensive liver cancer care team includes gastroenterologists and liver physicians who regularly follow-up patients with risk factors and screen them regularly for early detection of any possible liver cancers.

Regular Follow-up and Monitoring

Treatment for and monitoring for viral hepatitis, comprehensive management team for liver cirrhosis including counselling sessions are available at the NCIS.

Once a new liver cancer is detected the cases are subjected to extensive review and discussion by our Multi-Disciplinary Tumour Board which includes surgeons, liver specialists, radiologists and oncologists who will cater the best treatment modality suitable for each case. 

Sugery for Liver Cancer

Suitable patients may undergo liver resection surgery which involves the surgical removal of the tumour and surrounding liver tissue from the liver.


One of the main issues for surgery for advanced liver cancer is the residual functional liver after surgery, however, at the NCIS, we are specialised in staged procedures to overcome this obstacle by allowing the healthy liver to hypertrophy before the definitive surgery is carried out to remove the tumour.


As a university surgical unit, we have advanced in the minimally invasive surgical techniques for liver cancer which includes laparoscopic targeted therapies for liver such as radio-frequency ablation and laparoscopic liver resections.



Liver Transplant

The NCIS provides the full spectrum of liver cancer surgery including liver transplants. A liver transplant is a surgical procedure which involves removing and replacing the diseased liver of the patient with a healthy liver from a donor. Most liver transplant operations use livers from deceased donors, though a liver may also come from a living donor.

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