Lymphoma Publications


Selected Publications: Jun - Dec 2016


  1. The emerging roles of exosomes in leukemogeneis. Oncotarget. 2016 May 12. Zhou J, Wang S, Sun K, Chng WJ.
  2. Thirty years of bone marrow transplantation in the Singapore General Hospital. Ann Acad Med Singapore. 2016 Jul; 45(7):315-7. Phipps C, Ho AY, Linn YC, Gopalakrishnan S, Ang AL, Lee JJ, Ng HY, Lim FW, Goh PS, Loh YS, Tan PH, Koh LP, Koh MB, Lee LH, Goh YT, Ong YW, Hwang WY.
  3. Exocytosis of polyubiquitinated proteins in bortezomib-resistant leukemia cells: a role for MARCKS in acquired resistance to proteasome inhibitors. Oncotarget. 2016 Aug 17. Franke NE, Kaspers GL, Assaraf YG, van Meerloo J, Niewerth D, Kessler FL, Poddighe PJ, Kole J, Smeets SJ, Ylstra B, Bi C, Chng WJ, Horton TM, Menezes RX, Musters RJ, Zweegman S, Jansen G, Cloos J.
  4. EZH2 phosphorylation by JAK3 mediates a switch to noncanonical function in natural killer/T-cell lymphoma. Blood. 2016 Aug 18; 128(7):948-58. Yan J, Li B, Lin B, Lee PT, Chung TH, Tan J, Bi C, Lee XT, Selvarajan V, Ng SB, Yang H, Yu Q, Chng WJ.
  5. Genetic risk of extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma: a genome-wide association study. Lancet Oncol. 2016 Sep; 17(9):1240-7. Li Z, … Chng WJ, ... Bei JX et al.
  6. Aberrant localization of apoptosis protease activating factor-1 in lipid raft sub-domains of diffuse large B cell lymphomas. Oncotarget. 2016 Nov; Hirpara JL, Loh T, Ng SB, Chng WJ, Pervaiz S.