Multiple Myeloma Publications


Selected Publications: Jun - Dec 2016


  1. Bortezomib-related neuropathy may mask CNS relapse in multiple myeloma: A call for diligence. Cancer Biol Ther. 2016 Jul; 17(7): 723–726. Abid MB, De Mel S, Abid MA, Tan KB, Chng WJ.
  2. PRIMA-1 targets the vulnerability of multiple myeloma of deregulated protein homeostasis through the perturbation of ER stress via p73 demethylation. Oncotarget. 2016 Aug 12. Teoh PJ, Bi C, Sintosebastian C, Tay LS, Fonseca R, Chng WJ.
  3. International Myeloma Working Group consensus criteria for response and minimal residual disease assessment in multiple myeloma. Lancet Oncol. 2016 Aug; 17(8):e328-46. Kumar S, ... Chng WJ, ... Avet-Loiseau H et al.
  4. The Singapore Myeloma Study Group Consensus Guidelines for the management of patients with multiple myeloma. Singapore Med J. 2016 Sep 9. de Mel S, Chen Y, Gopalakrishnan SK, Ooi M, Teo C, Tan D, Teo ML, Tso AC, Lee LK, Nagarajan C, Goh YT, Chng WJ.