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Protocol Title and Number Patient Selection Criteria Principal Investigator

A phase Ib, multi-centre, open label, dose escalation study of PIM447 in combination with ruxolitinib (INC424) and LEE011 administered orally in patients with myelofibrosis. (DSRB reference: 2014/01293)

- You must be diagnosed with JAK2V617F positive primary/ secondary MF

- You must have an enlarged spleen

- You must have adequate bone marrow function



Dr Ng Chin Hin




MPN Experimental Assessment of Symptoms by Utilising Repetitive Evaluation (MEASURE) Trial. (DSRB reference: 2015/00252)


- You must be diagnosed with ET, PV, Primary MF or post-ET/post-PV MF

- You will be required to fill out a symptom diary for 7 days prior to starting any therapy and for another 7 days after starting treatment



Dr Tung Moon Ley 



Proteomic analysis of platelets in patients with Essential Thrombocythaemia. (DSRB reference: 2016/01095)


You must be diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythaemia

Dr Tung Moon Ley / Dr Christina Yip Yew Ching


 Updated as of 16 January 2017

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