Our Total MPN Care Treatment Approach




Here at the NCIS, we believe in a multi-discplinary approach in managing patients with MPN. Under this patient-centred approach, we focus on clinical, research and education initiatives.

Optimising Clinical Care

MPNs are considered a rare disease with variable patient outcomes. Some remain asymptomatic for a long time whilst others may progress quickly. Our clinical management is tailored to each patient to prevent complications from the underlying disease.

As part of the holistic approach, we will also counsel patient on minimising other cardiovascular risk factors (e.g smoking cessation, weight management, diabetic / cholesterol / hypertension control) which may contribute to these complications.


Given that MPN is a rare condition,  more research is required so that physicians are able to understand this disease better. Currently, we have minimal information on why certain patients progress rapidly and others remain asymptomatic for a long time. Being able to tease out the factors that determine the progression of these patients will help physician risk stratify them better and to tailor therapy according to the aggressiveness of their disease.


Patient Education and Support

At the NCIS, we understand that patients with MPNs often feel very confused regarding their diagnosis and some are burdened by the financial costs of these treatments.

To assist our patients cope with their diagnosis and adhere to the treatment, we have the following support services: