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Our Total Ovarian Cancer Care Treatment Approach

Cancer is a complex condition and knowledge about cancer and cancer treatment is constantly changing and getting more sophisticated to deliver ever better patient outcomes. The very best cancer care is therefore best delivered by a team of professionals, with each member of the team being an expert in their own field but working TOGETHER to take care of the whole person. 


At the NCIS, we believe that when we treat the WHOLE PERSON, a WHOLE PERSON walks out our doors. This is the philosophy and thinking that lies at the heart of our Whole Person Approach to Ovarian Cancer Care at the NCIS.


The women we care for may have ovarian cancer, but the disease is only one part of a whole person who is a living, breathing and feeling entity. At the NCIS, we believe in not only treating cancer but making people whole after their time with us, and this starts with having a team of dedicated healthcare professionals support each and every aspect of the whole person as we journey with our patients through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond.


The Ovarian Cancer Journey @ NCIS


The Women's Emotional Health Service (WEHS)

This team of emotional health specialists are an important component of the ovarian cancer care solution. Quite simply, a fit emotional state ensures a healthy immune system that fights cancer more effectively. Effective emotional assessment and support is a complex, constantly evolving process and something the Women’s Emotional Health team does exceptionally well, supporting a growing community of healthy, happy ovarian cancer survivors, one woman at a time. Our patients are supported through a combination of CARE therapy, hypnotherapy and medical therapeutics.  At the NCIS, we are proud of the important work that our WEHS team does, and our cancer survivors agree!

Dietetics and Cancer Nutrition

At the NCIS, we believe that fueling the whole person is an important first step in winning the fight against ovarian cancer. Most ovarian cancer patients will experience a loss of weight and appetite which makes getting nutrition back on track a critical first thing to do in caring for women living with ovarian cancer. Our nutrition and dietetics team helps support our patients through their cancer care journey by formulating diet plans, adjusting supplementary nutrition through treatment and recovery and are adept at managing advanced nutritional support for our sickest women.

The Total Lymphedema Team

Lymphedema is a complex and potentially debilitating condition that develops as a result of cancer surgery and therapy in some patients. At the NCIS, we believe that the best treatment is prevention. This belief is embodied in the creation of the Total Lymphedema Clinic (TLC) to support all the women living with cancer that we care for at the NCIS who may be at risk for lymphedema. The team at the TLC consists of surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists who are all committed to one thing, helping our patients come out of ovarian cancer care WHOLE and functional with sub-specialty professionalism and Tender Loving Care.

Advanced Practice and Specialty Nursing

At the NCIS, we love our nurses for one very simple reason. Our Advanced Practice and Specialty nurses translate all the expertise available at NUH in to the care that our patients receive. The women living with ovarian cancer that walk in our doors walk out whole because of the dedication and professionalism that these cancer professionals show all day, every day. Effective cancer care is an incredibly complex process which our Advanced Practice and Specialty nursing team has the training, education and expertise to understand, coordinate and help deliver to the women receiving care for ovarian cancer at the NCIS. It’s no wonder that our cancer survivors hug a cancer specialty nurse wherever they meet one!

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