Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials

Comprehensive and effective ovarian cancer care cannot be the product of excellence at a single institution or hospital. The very best ovarian cancer care comes from the collaborative efforts of professionals from across the world.

The NCIS is a member of the Gynecological Cancer Inter-Group (GCIG) which is an international collaborative of cancer centers around the world that specialise in treating women’s cancers. It is through professional and research networks like the GCIG that the most up to date knowledge about ovarian cancer and its treatment can be shared and reviewed. This is how women living with ovarian cancer receiving care at the NCIS get the very best and most up to date cancer care in the world.


One of the more exciting things that we are working on at the NCIS through our collaboration with the GCIG is research involving a new treatment for ovarian cancer. The IPOCC trial is currently offering women with a new diagnosis of FIGO Stage III or IV cancer of the ovary, Fallopian tube or peritoneum the possibility of either undergoing the current international standard of care or another form of treatment known as intra-peritoneal or IP chemotherapy.  

Clinical trials are a great way for patients to explore additional care options that may not be available at care centers that only offer standard cancer treatments. Clinical trials also help doctors to understand just how much better a new treatment might possibly be while also helping the patients in these trials get access to better and newer treatments. If you think you or a loved one might be interested in being part of a clinical trial while receiving care at the NCIS, speak with your ovarian cancer care team doctor to see if a clinical trial would be right for you.

For more information about clinical trials conducted at the GCIG, click here.