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Our Total Prostate Cancer Care Treatment Approach


Here at the NCIS, we adopt a comprehensive and holistic three-prong Total Prostate Cancer Care approach in managing patients who are battling prostate cancer.

Under the Total Prostate Cancer Care approach, emphasis is focused on optimising clinical care and research. Furthermore, to achieve a holistic care continuum, patient advocacy and supportive care programmes are also integral.


Optimising Clinical Care 

Prostate cancer is a complex heterogenous disease , ranging from low-risk indolent disease that may only require surveillance, to high-risk life-threathening disease which needs aggressive curative treatment.


Here at the NCIS, we provide comprehensive management that is tailored to the individual patient.


We have an experienced multi-disciplinary team of uro-oncologic surgeons; medical oncologists and radiation oncologists providing the full spectrum of treatment options available. This team of clinicians is supported by an excellent paramedical team of advanced specialty nurses, pelvic floor physiotherapists, sex counsellors and medical social workers to help us provide holistic care of the patient.


We provide the whole range of diagnostic and treatment options including the latest in MRI and PET scan imaging; robotic assisted MRI guided biopsies; robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery, and advanced radiotherapy techniques.



Being the foremost academic medical centre in Singapore, our centre takes part in many of the latest international groundbreaking clinical trials with the newest treatments. This gives our patients, especially those for whom standard therapy has failed, the opportunity to receive treatments not otherwise available, which may improve their survival.


Patient advocacy and support programmes 

Our care approach starts even before diagnosis. 25% of men diagnosed with prostate are diagnosed at a late stage, compared to less than 5% in the USA. We believe that by better educating men on the early symptoms of prostate cancer and options for early diagnosis, that we can improve on this.


To that end, we work closely with the Singapore Cancer Society and the Men’s Health charity – the Movember Foundation, to advocate for better public education on Prostate Cancer. The National University Hospital (NUH) is the only healthcare institution to field a team for Movember to raised public awareness and funds for prostate cancer education and research in Singapore.


It can be tough for men and their families dealing with prostate cancer. Treatments can be associated with troublesome side effects, and this may cause anxiety and depression.


We work closely with the Singapore Cancer Society, and actively encourage our patients to join the Prostate Cancer Support Group – The Walnut Warriors. This close knit support group provides a continuing opportunity to learn about the various aspects of the disease, and to share experiences and feelings with others. Most meetings provide an educational program presented by a professional in the field followed by an open discussion session. Spouses are encouraged to attend most groups.


Furthermore, the meetings are regularly combined with a supervised resistance exercise program called “The Man Plan”. Regular supervised exercise comprising of resistance exercises has been shown to improve survival in prostate cancer patients, and reduce the impact of side effects associated with prostate cancer treatment. 


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