Financial Assistance

Financing treatment costs is a main concern not only for the patient, but for their caregivers as well. If the patient is uninsured and unable to work during treatment, affordability and sustainability for financing the treatment costs will cause stress and worry.


It is important to think about the various costs that could be incurred during the treatment and recovery process so that you will be able to properly budget your finances or seek financial assistance before your loved one embarks on treatment.


The more common expenses incurred during cancer treatment include outpatient costs, medication bills, transportation charges and family expenses etc. 


If you require financial assistance, we recommend that you speak with your Medical Social Workers as they will be able to provide recommendations on the various financial assistance schemes you are eligible for.



Medical Social Workers @ NCIS

At the NCIS, we have a team of Medical Social Workers working together with our Doctors and medical professionals to provide support for our patients and their loved ones in the course of their illness. They provide assistance in the areas of financial needs, care needs, as well as emotional support to cope with the disease.


If you need to seek assistance from our Medical Social Workers, do speak to your Doctor so that they can help make a referral. Thereafter, your Medical Social Worker will assess your resources and needs before sourcing for suitable funds and resources to ensure that your needs are met. In some cases, financial documents are required so it helps to get these documents ready to facilitate the process.

Contact Us


Patients and their caregivers can also call +65 6772 8278 to make enquiries or make an appointment to meet with our Medical Social Workers. However, our Medical Social Workers will first have to contact your Doctor to know more about the treatment that you are currently going through in order to better understand the needs you may have.

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All Singaporeans are covered by heavy government subsidies of up to 80 per cent of the total hospital bill in acute public hospital wards.


Some of the government-funded schemes include Medisave, MediShield, Medifund and the Medication Assistance Fund.


To find out more about these schemes, visit:


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