At the Close of Life

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of doctors, a person’s illness cannot be controlled and he/she reaches the end of life. It can be a difficult time for caregivers, yet with support and guidance, this can also be an opportunity to spend meaningful time with loved ones.


It is common for people at this phase of life to eat and drink very little, spend more time sleeping and to become increasingly weak. For practical tips on how to care for a loved one at this time, download a copy of the "Spending the last days together" booklet below.

A Carer's Guide - Spending the last days together Booklet



Click here to download a copy of the Booklet.

Caring for the Caregiver

Caregiving is not just a physical task, it can be mentally and emotionally draining too. So it is important for caregivers to ensure that they look after themselves and obtain support if needed. Support can come from many sources, including family, friends and neighbours, one’s faith community, or the healthcare team.

For practical tips on self-care, click here.


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