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4 April 2018

Taking a standard prostate cancer drug with low-fat food, instead of on empty stomach, could boost outcome and lower drug costs by 75% for patients with reduced daily dosage

The multi-site study with United States is part of the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore’s (NCIS) larger efforts to address escalating costs of oncology drug treatment with research that focus on high quality and high value care.  Read more...

21 March 2018

NCIS to Raise Cancer Awareness through 10,000 Ribbon Singapore Book of Records Attempt

On 24 March 2018, the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) will attempt to set a Singapore Book of Records (SBR) by collecting 10,000 cancer awareness ribbons, which will be the largest collection in Singapore. The ribbons will be a symbol of support for those who were lost to cancer, survived cancer and are currently battling cancer. The ribbon collection will be made alongside NCIS’ Signature 10th anniversary public awareness event held at Canopy@JLink, which is located at Jurong East. Members of the public are encouraged to pin a ribbon and pledge to go for cancer screening within a year. Professor Chng Wee Joo, Director of NCIS, will be gracing the milestone event. “The pledge of 10,000 ribbons, is a way for us to show our support to everyone in the fight against cancer, be it the patients, their friends or their families,” says Professor Chng. “Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in Singapore. Therefore, it is important to not only educate the public on cancer, but to also pledge to ourselves and our loved ones to go for early cancer screening.”  Read more...


10 June 2018 (The Sunday Times)

Cancer survivors can soon have check-ups nearer home

An article on how cancer survivors can soon go to family doctors for follow up care. By July, NCIS will be sending breast and colorectal cancer survivors to selected GPs in the NUHS primary care network such as NUP, Keat Hong and Frontier Family Medicine Clinics for routine cancer care. Dr. Chan Ching Wan, Senior Consultant, Division of Surgical Oncology (Breast Surgery), NCIS, mentions that in the future, cancer may well be treated like a chronic condition once the acute phase of treatment is over, which is why engagement of primary care physicians for future care patients is important. Professor Chng Wee Joo, Director of NCIS, mentions that to address whether GPs are adequately trained to identify signs of relapse, NCIS will train and accredit the GPs and establish a fast-track referral system back to the oncologist..  Read more...

9 June 2018 (The Straits Times)

US findings may help breast cancer patients here avoid chemo

An article with cancer survivors on how they still have anxiety about cancer despite completing their treatment. Madam N. Pushphavalli, a cancer survivor who was treated at NCIS, mentions that when she sees a rash or lump, she will keep monitoring it for four to five days to observe if it gets bigger or skin around it gets thicker. She has to also go through various lifestyle changes and have to go for many test and check-ups.  Read more...


29 May 2018 (The Straits Times)

Brachytherapy: Targeting the enemy from within

A contributed article by Dr Vicky Koh, Consultant, Department of Radiation Oncology, NCIS, about how Brachytheraphy is a treatment that requires a radio-emitting source to be placed within close proximity to its target. Although used since the early 1900s, today’s technology assist doctors with the use of advanced imaging techniques. Brachytheraphy can be used to cure many type of cancers such as breast, cervical and prostate cancer.  Read more...


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