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2 Mar 2017

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore to collaborate in Haematological Cancers for ASLAN003


21 July 2017 (The Straits Times)

Study links gastric cancer to protein level

Professor Jimmy So, Head and Senior Consultant, Division of Surgical Oncology, NCIS, gave his comments on the study on DOK6 protein and its link to gastric cancer progression. Read more...

18 July 2017 (The Straits Times)

Blood tests may not detect cancer earlier

Many people have the misconception that they need to do cancer or tumour marker tests to screen for cancer. Dr Lim Siew Eng, Senior Consultant, Department of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS, said blood tests should preferably not be used in place of recommended screening tests for cancer. According to Dr Lim, "Blood tests are convenient. But they have not been shown to reduce cancer mortality and may not detect cancer earlier, and could also give rise to a false sense of well-being." Read more...

14 July 2017 (Biotechin.Asia)

Get curious with Biotechin.Asia: Prof. Chng on Multiple Myeloma, Darzalex and what it means for patients

Professor Chng Wee Joo, Director and Senior Consultant, NCIS, provides key insight on Multiple Myeloma, his research on the disease, treatment options, as well as what the recent approval of Johnson&Johnson's Darzalex means for patients. Read more...

14 July 2017 (Biotechin.Asia)

J&J joins fight against Multiple Myeloma in Singapore with their new drug Darzalex

Darzalex, a monoclonal antibody was recently approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority for Multiple Myeloma patients who have become resistant to current drug therapies. Professor Chng Wee Joo, Director & Senior Consultant, NCIS, weighs in on the rising incidence and treatment of Multiple Myeloma. Read more...

13 July 2017 (The Straits Times)

Grateful for the chance to give back to society

Mr Aaron Rosario Jeyaraj, who was among those awarded the Public Service Commission scholarship yesterday, was a volunteer at the NCIS three years ago. Together with three friends, they set aside time almost every week to interact with cancer patients, talking about their families and even current affairs. Aaron says that the experience has taught him to appreciate what he has. Read more...



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