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2 March 2017

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore to collaborate in Haematological Cancers for ASLAN003


18 September 2017 (The Straits Times)

Drug combo may boost cancer treatment: Study

Scientists at the National University of Singapore may have found a promising way to fight colorectal cancer, up to 10 times more effective, minus the toxic effects of conventional treatment. Dr Tan Ker Kan, Consultant, Division of Surgical Oncology (Colorectal Surgery) NCIS, weighs in on the feasibility of this treatment. Read more...

23 August 2017 (MIMS)

Opting for alternative cancer medicine doubles the risk of death, study shows

Although cancer is no longer a death sentence, the diagnosis of the disease no doubt brings tremendous distress to both the patient and the family. As medical treatments for cancer progress at a disproportionate pace—where new treatments only bring about months of additional survival time—many distraught patients resort to alternative medicine in search for a miracle cure. Till date, we have yet to see a cure-all miracle drug. It is even harder to find one in alternative cancer treatments. “Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is widely used by patients doing chemotherapy treatment, but some of them do not inform their oncologist about it,” remarked the study lead author, Dr Chong Wan Qin, Associate Consultant, Department of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS. Read more...

21 August 2017 (The Straits Times)

Caring for patients at home through the phone

In 2008, the NCIS launched a phone service for our oncology nurses to make follow-up phone calls to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, to help reduce patients' visits to the hospital. Read more...

15 August 2017 (The Straits Times)

Use of alternative medicine does more harm than good: Studies

Research studies conclude that alternative medicine may sometimes be harmful or reduce a treatment’s effectiveness. According to Dr Chong Wan Qin, Associate Consultant, NCIS, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is widely used by patients doing chemotherapy treatment, but some of them do not inform their oncologists about it.  Read more...








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