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2 March 2017

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore to collaborate in Haematological Cancers for ASLAN003



16 November 2017 (The Straits Times)

MOH tweaking rules to improve healthcare

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is looking at and changing policies, legislation and rules that hinder instead of help in the provision of healthcare. One example is autologous bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma cancer patients, which can be done without the patient having to be hospitalised. According to Professor Chng Wee Joo, Director & Senior Consultant, NCIS, it is better for the patient to be living in the home environment with family support as they are not exposed to hospital-acquired infections. Read more...

14 November 2017 (The Straits Times)

'Economy class syndrome' is a misnomer

“Left untreated, more than 50 per cent of the patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) will

get PE,” said Dr Yap Eng Soo, Consultant, Department of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS. And one-quarter of the patients who show symptoms of PE could die within 14 days, if they are not treated. DVT and PE are known together as venous thromboembolism (VTE). Read more...

9 October 2017 (Channel News Asia)

Commentary: Exercise leads to longer lives, higher survival rates in breast cancer patients

The benefits of physical activity on cancer survival have been studied for many different types of cancers, including breast cancer. A review of the research in more recent years reveals impressive results and suggests that breast cancer patients should take exercise more seriously. Associate Professor Lee Soo Chin shares that "The quiet healing powers exercise offers to breast cancer survivors suggest that more physical activity may be helpful." Read more...





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