22 December 2013 (The Straits Times) Doctors make vital find about child cancer
12 December 2013 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body) Life extender
9 December 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao)

Misconceptions cause Singaporeans to be unwilling to donate their bone marrow

10 October 2013 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body) Looking out for the mentally distressed
9 October 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao) NUH Medical Centre started operations, this large specialist outpatient clinic also houses a shopping mall
4 October 2013 (Lianhe Wanbao) How can you eat healthily? 
26 September 2013 (The Straits Times) Fewer women going for subsidised mammograms
25 September 2013 (Shin Min Daily) 60% of women not going for mammogram screenings
12 September 2013 (Mind Your Body, The Straits Times) Lump will not turn cancerous after breast lift
11 September 2013 (Shin Min Daily)

NUH major study on colorectal cancer screening: ‘It won’t happen to me’ Syndrome; 7 in 10 not up to date with colorectal screening

11 September 2013 (Today) Many think life-saving cancer test is expensive
11 September 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao)

Only 26% of the population go for regular colorectal screening

11 September 2013 (The Straits Times) Survey: Too few go for regular colorectal cancer screening
10 September 2013 (The Straits Times)  New trial holds out hope for gastric cancer patients
6 September 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao)

New clinical trial on intraperitoneal chemotherapy in combination with standard chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer

1 September 2013 (Lianhe Wanbao) Gastric Pain May Be A Symptom For Other Illnesses
7 August 2013 (The Straits Times) Aggressive Cancer Biomarker Identified
18 July 2013 (The Straits Times) Criterion for new stem-cell transplant. 50% match
16 June 2013 (Berita Minggu) Not succumbing to cancer
8 June 2013 (The Straits Times) Fun in the sun for cancer patients' kids
30 May 2013 (The Straits Times)  Catching that Faulty Gene Early
23 May 2013 (The Straits Times) Fighting Lymphoma
19 May 2013 (Sunday Times Life!) Support is Everything
17 May 2013 (The New Paper)  No breasts... No Problem! 
15 May 2013 (The Straits Times)  Few in Singapore opt to remove both breasts, ovaries
15 May 2013 (TODAY)  Endometrial cancer is a rising threat 
15 May 2013 (The New Paper) Nipping cancer in the bud
15 April 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao) Experts worry that the number of female patients with lung cancer will increase as number of young female smokers rises
29 March 2013 (Business Times) Cancer research to get bulk of $50m extra funding
29 March 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao) Yong Loo Lin Trust donated $25m in gift to fight cancer
24 March 2013 (Channel News Asia Online) Asian Myeloma Network formed to study rising trend of multiple myeloma
21 March 2013 (Berita Harian) Leading cancers in Malay community
21 March 2013 (Lianhe Zaobao) Multiple myeloma threatens Asian elderly
18 March 2013 (AsiaOne Your Health) More people joining cancer support groups
14 March 2013 (Mind Your Body, The Straits Times) Precise breast cancer surgery
20 January 2013 (The New Paper, Sunday) Cancer patient's last hope - we join trials because we want to live