19 December 2014 (The Straits Times) Heart attack, suicide among top killers here 
19 December 2014 (Shin Min Daily) 心脏病和自杀 我国首号杀手
5 November 2014 (The Straits Times) Accolades for work in treating cancer in Asia
29 October 2014 (The Straits Times) Breast reconstruction yet to catch on here
28 October 2014 (Berita Harian) Konsultan sakit puan seru kekal jalani ujian kesan barah
19 October 2014 (Berita Harian) Barah buah dada orang Melayu lebih bersifat ganas
2 October 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) 胃癌初期容易被忽略
1 October 2014 (TODAY) When breast cancer returns
22 September 2014 (The Straits Times) Detect liver cancer early with free health screenings 
15 September 2014 (The Straits Times) Surgeon's 'map' helps in breast cancer operation
13 September 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) 年过45岁男性B型肝炎带菌者 每半年体检有助及早发现肝癌
12 September 2014 (Berita Harian) Lelaki 45 tahun ke atas dinasihati jalani pemeriksaan Hepatitis B
11 September 2014 (Shin Min Daily) 6年前发现肝癌 动四次手术 阿伯成抗癌战士
10 September 2014 (TODAY) Targeted therapies treat cancer with fewer side effects
28 August (Shin Min Daily) 高盐分恐致胃癌 国大医院介绍健康餐
21 August 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) 卵巢癌病患勇敢产子
21 August 2014 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body) Drug subsidy boosts cancer treatment fund
20 August 2014 (TODAY) 'My Miracle Baby' 
10 August 2014 (The Sunday Times) Unlocking the secrets of gastric cancer
31 July 2014 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body) Supporting body and mind
11 July 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) 调查:虽满意公共医疗机构服务 病患对等候时间太长仍不满意
5 July 2014 (The Straits Times) Using body's immune system to fight cancer
3 July 2014 (The Straits Times) Ways to prevent cervical cancer
26 June 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) 全球首次国大癌症中心将展开五癌症疗法临床试验 
16 June 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) 国大医院新技术更快辨识 基因突变所引发末期肺癌
13 June 2014 (Today) Gene mutation test for late-stage lung cancer now at NUH
22 April 2014 (Today) NUH launches new one-stop medical centre
22 April 2014 (The Straits Times) One-stop care at new NUH Medical Centre
22 April 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) Since the opening in July 2013, the NUH Medical Centre has seen more than 12,000 patients
22 April 2014 (MyPaper) Get treated under 1 roof at NUH
21 April 2014 (Shin Min Daily) Official Opening of NUH Medical Centre
20 April 2014 (The Sunday Times) When a child dies
19 April 2014 (The Straits Times) Colorectal cancer rates may have levelled off
16 March 2014 (The Sunday Times) Surviving Cancer
6 March 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) NUH works with corporates and schools to raise awareness of colorectal cancer
4 March 2014 (The Straits Times) Loss of grandma brings home perils of colorectal cancer
3 March 2014 (The Straits Times Online) Primary school children and companies help to spread colorectal cancer awareness
3 March 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao) Encouraging 50 years and above to go for colorectal cancer screening - the young are ambassadors of spreading awareness
1 March 2014 (The Straits Times)

Cancer prevention drive ropes in the young

27 February 2014 (Lianhe Zaobao Online)

Colorectal cancer awareness campaign 2014 targets a wider group of people

27 February 2014 (The Straits Times Online)

Have loved ones over 50, urge them to go for colorectal cancer screening

20 February 2014 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body)

Sex after cancer

17 February 2014 (The Straits Times) 

'Lifestyle also a factor' behind rising cancer rates

17 February 2014 (MyPaper)

Cancer hikes also linked to lifestyles

6 February 2014 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body)


Most women who have preventive surgery don't need it


2 February 2014 (Berita Minggu)

Doktor: Pesakit barah boleh dijangka patah semangat