Media Articles 2015


22 December 2015 (The Straits Times) How caregivers can keep cancer patients' spirits up
14 December 2015 (The Straits Times) Cancer survivor is first Singapore mum to conceive naturally after having ovaries frozen, then replanted
16 November 2015 (Lianhe Zaobao) 可减低骨折和感染风险 国大医院为病患登门做化疗
12 November 2015 (Shin Min Daily) 国大推出癌症居家护理计划
12 November 2015 (TODAY) Myeloma cancer patients get option for injections at home
10 November 2015 (The Straits Times) How cancer rehab can help survivors
9 November 2015 (The New Paper) Cancer survivor turns Cinderella
3 November 2015 (The Straits Times) Rewarding to help kids overcome spectre of cancer
27 October 2015 (The Straits Times) Cancer risk lurks behind 'normal' result
20 October 2015 (The Straits Times) Dispelling four myths of cancer
17 October 2015 (The New Paper) What is acute myeloid leukemia
15 October 2015 (Lianhe Zaobao) New treatment methods for lung cancer
13 October 2015 (The Straits Times) Screen for cancer before it's too late
5 October 2015 (Lianhe Zaobao) 本月有系列“乳癌意识月”活动
1 October 2015 (The Straits Times) More women here found with breast cancer every year
1 October 2015 (The Straits Times) Five things to note about breast cancer
1 October 2015 (The New Paper) Breast Cancer Awareness Month Message: Keep Abreast of Change
1 October 2015 (Lianhe Wanbao)

妇女不言弃 终战胜乳癌

29 September 2015 (The Straits Times - Mind & Body) Cancer is not a death sentence
25 September 2015 (The Straits Times) New support group for lymphoma patients
25 September 2015 (Zaobao.sg) 淋巴瘤互助组织成立 促进病患交流扶持
18 September 2015 (The Straits Times) Tiny beads offer hope for bowel cancer cases
28 August 2015 (The Straits Times) Founder of cancer registry
28 July 2015 (The Straits Times) Preventive treatment pays
23 July 2015 (The New Paper) "It was an emotional roller coaster"
17 July 2015 (TODAY) Experts flag potential harm of indiscrimate cancer screening
8 July 2015 (Straits Times) 'Miracle baby' for cancer patient
8 July 2015 (Lianhe Zaobao) 亚洲第一例 接受卵巢组织移植手术后自然受孕产婴
8 July 2015 (Berita Harian) Lahir anak walau barah jejas kesuburan
7 July 2015 (TODAY Online) First Asian baby concieved naturally from implanted ovarian tissue born in NUH
7 July 2015 (Channel NewsAsia Online) First Asian baby concieved naturally from implanted ovarian tissue born in NUH
7 July 2015 (Lianhe Wanbao) 国大医院接生首个移植卵巢组织受孕婴
7 July 2015 (Shin Min Daily) 亚洲首例 医生助恢复自然生育能力 患癌症康复 妇女生下女婴
30 June 2015 (TODAY) Important to boost interest, support for clinical trials
27 June 2015 (TODAY) Cancer drug in S'pore clinical trial shows promising results
27 May 2015 (TODAY) Cancer screening: Is more always better?
7 May 2015 (Lianhe Zaobao) 切割艺术舍器官保健康?
6 May 2015 (TODAY) HPV jabs would be of benefit to boys too
11 March 2015 (TODAY) Eat to lower cancer risk
17 January 2015 (TODAY) One-stop cancer rehab centre to open in Jurong
8 January 2015 (Lianhe Zaobao) 医院采用手机及新科技 医生患者互动更畅顺