NCIS Dream Makers

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About NCIS Dream Makers

At the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), we see about 600 late-stage adult cancer patients every year and the number has been increasing. When faced with potential terminal cancers, many patients may have unfulfilled dreams that are important to them and their families. As most wish-granting organisations are focused on helping children, our goal is to fill in the gap and help adult cancer patients achieve their dreams as well.

Thus, in conjunction with the NCIS' 10th Year Anniversary, we are launching the NCIS Dream Makers, a new initiative to help NCIS patients with advanced cancers fulfill their dreams.The NCIS Dream Makers aim to help our advanced cancer patients fulfill their dreams and give hope and encouragement towards their cancer journey. This also gives us an opportunity to improve their quality of lives beyond just clinical care.

We listen to our patients’ dreams and we want to help make them come true. Through the NCIS Dream Makers, we want our patients to know that there is life beyond cancer and add some cheer and positivity to their fight with cancer!



The brainchild of Dr Choo Bok Ai, the Dream Makers are made up of NCIS staff and a group of volunteers comprising doctors, healthcare professionals, NGOs, corporate bodies and ordinary people from all walks of lives who are passionate in helping our patients achieve their dreams. We are guided by the firm belief that by helping others, we discover the meaning of caring and togetherness that will bring out fulfilment in our own lives.  


Be Part of the NCIS Dream Makers!

Join us as a volunteer, and help bring hope to our patients' lives by turning their dreams into reality!


Find out more about how you can volunteer below.


Corporate Liaison Officers
  • To secure short-term sponsorships and long-term partnerships with corporates
  • Plan events that gather sponsors and partners together as gratitude for their support and cooperation
Volunteer Recruitment Officers
  • Contact schools and community partners to recruit volunteers
  • Plan events/ campaigns that spread word of project and attract more prospective volunteers
Dream Makers
  • Organise, plan, and help to make our patients’ Dreams come true!
  • Make itineraries, contact venues, and take care of any other logistics needed to fulfil patient’s Dream
Photographers and/or Videographers
  • Take photos and videos during events and Dreams (with consent)
  • May have to do additional tasks (ex. Family portraits, photo books, short movies)
Publicity Officers
  • Write short stories about a patient’s fulfilled Dream that may be published online/internal newsletters if consent is obtained



Download and complete the Volunteer Application Form and submit the completed form via email to We will be in touch once we have received your application.


Be a Donor

Every donation, no matter how big or small, goes a long way in helping our patients achieve their dreams.





  • Cheque / Cash Donation via NUHS Fund Limited 

Please fill up the NUHS Fund Limited Donation Form and mail it to:

NUHS Development Office, 1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block, Level 13, Singapore 119228

*As a registered charity organisation that has Institute of Public Character status, all donations to the Dream Makers qualify for a 250% tax deduction for 2018.

Be a Corporate Partner

Provide the support that we need in helping our patients achieve their dreams by making available your business expertise, products and services in fulfilling the dream. For a discussion on how you can collaborate with us, contact for more information today!


Patient Eligibility

Eligible patients are referred to the NCIS Dream Makers by their healthcare professionals at NCIS.

If you are an NCIS patient and wish to have your dream fulfilled, speak to your healthcare staff.


Contact Us


Phone: (+65) 6772 7537