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Our Facilities @ NUH Medical Centre Level 9

Viva-University Children's Cancer Centre (VUCCC)

The Viva-University Children’s Cancer Centre is a one-stop centre housing all paediatric cancer patients and is dedicated to meeting the standard of care needed for managing paediatric patients undergoing chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant under the dedicated care of specialised paediatric oncology nurses.



VUCCC has undergone an expanded floor space from 320 square metres in the Kent Ridge Wing to 550 square metres to accommodate more patients. It has also increased capacity for oncology and blood/marrow transplant therapy. The paediatric infusion bays where our patients receive their chemotherapy have a total of 14 beds (including 4 rooms for post-bone marrow transplant patients), each with its own television monitor. Beds are provided for the children rather than chairs, so that they can have proper rest. 



Stem Cell Therapy Centre

The Stem Cell Therapy Centre caters specially for patients diagnosed with benign and malignant blood cancers and Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant needs.


The Adult Haematopoietic Stem Cell Programme operates on the 9th floor and NCIS has five procedure rooms for Bone Marrow Transplant related procedures and infusions.



Chemotherapy Centre

The Chemotherapy Centre provides infusion and oral therapy treating adult oncology patients in an outpatient setting and is equipped with a total of 44 treatment chairs.



Pharmacy @ NCIS

The Pharmacy @ NCIS is equipped with clean room facilities for chemotherapy drug preparation for patients in both the outpatient cancer centre and inpatient wards. They include both adult and paediatric patients with cancer including blood and marrow transplant patients. Patients can collect their medication here after their consultations.


We provide specialised drug compounding services for all anti-cancer therapies in NCIS as well as the filling and dispensing of oral anti-cancer drugs and supportive care agents. Besides specialised drug compounding and distribution services, our oncology pharmacists are involved in the provision of specialised clinical oncology pharmacy services. This includes patient counseling of their new anti-cancer therapies and management of associated symptoms. Our pharmacists also provide drug information to our patients and our oncology health care professionals. 




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