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Department of Radiation Oncology

Patient-Centric Experience, State-Of-The-Art Therapies

Radiation Therapy is a crucial component of cancer treatment and here at the NCIS, the Radiation Therapy Centre (RTC) is committed to providing our patients with excellence in radiation therapy treatments.

We aim to deliver the best care for our patients through the following:

Evidence Based, Guideline Led Practices


Our radiation treatments are prescribed and delivered in accordance to international guidelines issued by authorities such as the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG), but are also tailored to individual patients' unique circumstances. This emphasis on adhering to established international benchmarks is aligned with our commitment in achieving high-quality treatments across the board for our patients.


The radiation oncology department is committed to the advancement of radiation therapy practice, education and research, in support of our role as a national level cancer centre. Apart from being actively involved in several RTOG trials, the department also hosts a number of regional conferences regularly.

Specialty Focused, Multidisciplinary Teams


Our diverse team of radiation oncologists work within subspecialty teams focusing on specific tumours groups. This enhances expertise development and allows for incorporation of latest cutting-edge advancements into our treatment protocols.


Our subspecialty teams also work closely with our surgical and medical oncology colleagues to deliver the best patient care. Discussions of complex oncological conditions led by the expertise of relevent specialists are facilitated by our multi-disciplinary tumour boards. Similar collaborations at multidisciplinary clinics foster quality patient experiences through a seamless treatment process.


Get to know more about our Radiation Oncology team here.

Quality Care, Safe Practices

The Department of Radiation Oncology is committed to delivering quality treatments safely. Stringent calibration of our therapy machines are conducted on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance and precision of our machinery.


Multiple layers of process checks are put in place by our team of dosimetrists, physicists and audit team to ensure safety and machine performance. Each plan is then presented at our regular department quality audit where it is peer-reviewed by all radiation oncologists for added quality assurance. 


During radiation therapy treatment, image-guidance through cone beam CTs or portal imaging is done to confirm accuracy of patient setup and assess tumour position before the beam is switched on.

Comprehensive Radiation Therapy Services


We offer a comprehensive range of radiation therapy services comprising standard treatment modalities as well as the latest radiotherapy units tailored to each individual patient's needs.


For a list of some of the radiation therapy services we have to offer, please click here.



Radiation Therapy - What To Expect


Unsure of what to expect during radiation therapy? Not to worry, click here and let us walk you through the experience you can expect to receive from our radiation oncology team.

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