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Psychosocial Oncology Programme


Apart from having to cope with the stress and worry of their cancer diagnosis, cancer patients and their caregivers are also burdened with the stresses brought about by the physically-demanding nature of their treatment process, as well as the short- and long-term side effects that arise from the disease.


This might result in emotional distress and psychological problems in patients which could potentially impact their daily lives, be it at work or home.


To help our patients cope better psychologically and emotionally, and to condition them back to the normalcy of everyday life, our Psychosocial Oncology Programme provides a holistic end-to-end care continuum that begins right from the point of diagnosis, to survivorship, recurrence and even end-of-life care by offering a spectrum of services aimed at developing and fulfilling the psychological and social needs of our patients and their caregivers.


Our Psychosocial Oncology Programme renders support to our patients and their caregivers in these areas:


Helping patients and their caregivers cope and understand the cancer journey emotionally from the point of diagnosis, throughout the treatment process, survivorship and even recurrence or towards end-of-life.
Providing financial counselling to patients and their caregivers and offering financial assistance to needy patients and their caregivers by helping them apply for financial assistance schemes.
Ensuring that our patients’ nutritional and dietary needs are met during and post-treatment to ensure they lead healthy lives outside the hospital. Also, rehabilitation therapy is provided to maintain our patients’ health and facilitate their recovery so they can regain their independence and resume with their daily activities.
Our trained psychologists and oncology nurses will provide psychological counselling and advice to our patients and their caregivers to ease their mental and social stresses or anxiety experienced during their cancer journey.  
Living with cancer is not easy and we will help ensure that our patients will be able to reintegrate into society be it at home, or at the workplace.
Some of the services offered under our Psychosocial Oncology Programme include: