Dietitians provide a wide range of dietetics services to our patients. We provide diet counselling and advice on nutritional therapy, nutritional intake assessment of patients' requirements before planning and designing special diets to suit each individual's medical condition.  In addition, we also specialise in planning tube feeding requirements for patients.


Besides caring for our patients' nutritional needs, our Dietitians also provide external services to companies such as conducting public talks and workshops on various health topics including cooking demonstrations and nutritional education.



Our Services


Our Dietitians provide the following range of services to our patients:


  • Individual dietary assessment and advice on therapeutic diets 
  • Involvement in multi-disciplinary ward rounds / meetings
  • Nutritional assessment and enteral nutrition support services, including tube feeding and modified texture diets 
  • Conducting group sessions for patients on Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme and Weight Management Programme
  • Organising talks and seminars related to nutritional issues
  • Setting of dietary guidelines for inpatient meal services
  • In-service training on therapeutic diet for hospital personnel and Nutrition Screening for nurses
  • Supporting and conducting nutritional-related research
  • Providing nutritional-related services under the Workplace Health Promotion Programme (health talks, workshops, working demonstration, nutrition education booth)
  • Cooking demonstrations


How Patients Can Benefit


Our Dietitians will be able to help you manage your chronic diseases by providing you with individualised dietary advice. Your Dietitian will review your blood results, help you understand your medical condition and provide education about all the important nutrients that can help to manage your condition.


Dietitians practise based on scientific evidence and present substantiated information. You can be assured in knowing that you are obtaining accurate and reliable information.


What Patients Can Expect


During your initial visit, your Dietitian will explore and discuss your eating habits and routines, health history, exercise regimens. Your Dietitian will then assess your dietary needs and help you prioritise and set goals. This process usually takes an hour or more. Follow-up visits usually take about 30 minutes. At follow-up visits, your Dietitian will monitor your progress and share further information and necessary adjustments to your diet.


Contact Us


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