NCIS Home Care Programme


To provide continuous care outside of the hospital, the NCIS Home Care Programme aims to meet individual patients' needs in the comfort of their own homes. Our oncology-trained nurses are experienced in managing side effects related to cancer therapy and various nursing procedures.

Some of the services offered under the NCIS Home Care Programme include:


  • Post cancer therapy symptoms management
  • Patient, family and caregiver education
  • Psychosocial and spiritual support
  • Medication reconciliation and administration
  • Provide referral to community resources
  • Central venous catheter care
  • Wound and stoma care
  • Blood sampling
  • Home Chemotherapy Bortezomib
  • Home Saline Infusion


To find out more about the NCIS Home Care Programme, kindly contact our CancerLine at +65 9722 0569 or email




Launched in August 2015, the BORTEZOMIB@Home programme is a partnership between the NCIS and Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd to create convenient and accessible cancer care and treatment for our patients.

The programme is currently offered to Myeloma patients at the NCIS, providing them with the option of having their Bortezomib injections adminstered in the comfort of their own homes.



To find out more about the Bortezomib@Home programme, click on the links below:


For more information about the Bortezomib@Home programme, please contact Ms Song Fang Fang at (+65) 6772 4862 or