The Psycho-Oncology service is provided by the Department of Psychological Medicine in the National University Hospital. Psychiatrists and psychologists with experience caring for cancer patients will provide assessment and formulate management plans for pre-existing or recent onset psychiatric and psychological problems. The service is provided in both inpatient and ambulatory settings and referrals are through your Oncologist.


First visit assessments and most follow-up care is provided in clinics at the NCIS enabling a one-stop service for patients. For some patients, however, follow-up care may be provided at the Neuroscience Clinic.

Our Services


  • Assessment of psychiatric problems
  • Diagnosis and formulation of care plans
  • Capacity assessments as required
  • Care provision including Pharmacotherapy and specific Psychological Therapies (Supportive, Cognitive and Mindfulness) in addition to basic therapeutic approaches
  • Continuity of care for inflight cancer patients with emotional and other psychiatric issues
  • Support and psycho-education for caregivers who accompany patients for their psychiatric visit
  • Neuropsychological assessments by the Psychologist as and when needed for diagnosis and capacity assessments
  • Individual psychotherapy sessions with the Psychologist as indicated

Contact Us


To make an appointment, please speak to your Oncologist who will arrange the referral.


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