NCIS Stories of Hope


NEW! Issue 24 - You Will Never Walk Alone
December 2017 Issue

Issue 23 - Expect the Unexpected
September 2017 Issue

Issue 22 - ARMoured with Strength
July 2017 Issue

Issue 21 - The Walnut Warrior
June 2017 Issue
Issue 20 - The "Jolie Effect"
May 2017 Issue
Issue 19 - Fit & Fab
March 2017 Issue
At 85 years old, Chang Fook Tin was in the midst of enjoying his retirement. However, life sprung a challenge to him when he was diagnosed with Sarcoma. Despite having to amputate his right arm, Uncle Chang continues to remain upbeat and positive about his experience, the epitome of courage and strength. After experiencing slow urine flow, Mike Rollings was shocked to find himself diagnosed with Stage T3a Prostate Cancer. Determined not to let the disease get the better of him, Mike took fate into his own hands, and chose to let his brush with cancer change his life positively. In 2010, Gim Beng was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Upon her doctor's recommendation to undergo the BRCA test, Gim Beng tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation. As she continues with treatment, Gim Beng remains positive and advocates the importance of BRCA gene testing. Despite his strict fitness regime and healthy diet, Arun, a Physical Education teacher and Physical Trainer found himself diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer. Not one to be easily defeated, Arun beat the odds and triumphed over the cancer, while staying fit & fab.




Issue 18 - Happily Ever After
November 2016 Issue 

Issue 17 - I Am Hope
August 2016 Issue 

Issue 16 - Master of His Fate
July 2016 Issue 

Issue 15 - Voice of Hope
June 2016 Issue 


Diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of tissue cancer that affects one in 2.5 million people when she was just six years old, Ter Cheah found herself growing up with a prosthesis, but made sure her shortcoming did not differentiate from anyone else. 

Suffering from Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, Amy has enrolled herself in at least three clinical trials to find a cure. Despite facing disappointments, Amy has not lost hope and continues to actively participate in clinical trials in the hopes of eventually being healed. 

Told he has Terminal Bile Duct Cancer with only one year left to live, rather than be resigned to his fate, Stephen chose to take fate into his own hands by making ample preparation emotionally and mentally for a good closure.

An avid opera singer with a passion for singing, Sylvia was crushed when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 Nasopharyngeal Cancer which affected her singing. She fought hard, and today, she has a new voice of hope. 


Issue 14 - Love Never Dies
April 2016 Issue 

Issue 13 - Three Times A Fighter
March 2016 Issue 

Issue 12 - Soaring Above Cancer
January 2016 Issue 
Editor's Note - Carnival of Hope
December 2015 Issue 

When he lost his wife of 28 years to Breast Cancer, it shook William's world. However, her memory lives on and through her, he has found the strength to give her journey with cancer a voice, to ignite hope among other patients and caregivers.


Despite suffering from a third relapse of Uterine Cancer, Lely is not ready to give up on herself, or others. She continues to fiercely battle the disease, while giving back to the community through volunteering activities.

At the peak of her cabin crew career and about to be married, Deshi got a rude shock when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Despite the turbulent times, Deshi continued to keep her spirit and mind up to eventually soar above cancer.

One year into our NCIS Stories of Hope, we share with you highlights of activities and events that have been happening here at the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) for our patients, survivors and caregivers!

Issue 11 - Unbreakable
November 2015 Issue 
Issue 10 - Look Good Feel Better
October 2015 Issue 
Issue 9 - Setia Cinta ("Loyal Love")
September 2015 Issue 
Issue 8 - Young and Bold
August 2015 Issue 

After losing her parents to cancer, Joan found herself in a state of depression when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. However, with support from her loved ones, she triumphed over the disease, and makes it a point to give back even more to society.

Most women would suffer from a loss of confidence after their ordeal with cancer. However, June is different. Despite battling Stage 1 Cervical Cancer, she never let the disease get the better of her and continued to doll herself up so she could look good, and feel better.

Celebrity couple Erma and Idi were in for a rough time when Erma was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Struck by cancer at the peak of her career and with three young children to look after, Erma battled the disease hand-in-hand with her life partner, Idi.

Freshly graduated with a Degree in Interior Design and about to go on an adventure in the form of her graduation trip, Narita found herself diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia. It was not an easy ordeal for Narita, but find out how a miracle in the form of a stranger came through for her.




Issue 7 - Through Thick & Thin
July 2015 Issue 

Issue 6 - GO-Getter
June 2015 Issue 

Issue 5 - Hope Springs Eternal
May 2015 Issue 

Issue 4 - A Dish of Hope
February 2015 Issue 
Paul is someone you would call an all-rounder. An accomplished career man who leads an active lifestyle. But in order to care for his wife with Multiple Myeloma, he put aside his career and interests, all in the name of love. Li Leng is a determined woman who knows what she wants and goes all out to get it. Living with Multiple Myeloma, she was determined to spread awareness of this rare blood cancer, and she accomplished her goal through a Walk & Cycle event which raised over S$420,000 in aid of Myeloma research. Diagnosed with Stage II HER2-Positive Breast Cancer, Nita is not one to be a slave to the disease. Determined to win the fight against cancer, she made lifestyle adjustments and even concocted her own recipes for a healthier diet. Yvonne is a foodie who enjoys good food, especially durians. A mother to three children, it came as a blow to her when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Nasopharyngeal Cancer. However, with support from her family and newfound friends made in her Support Group, Yvonne is now stronger than ever.


Issue 3 - A Purpose - Driven Life
January 2015 Issue 

Editor's Foreword'14 -
Hope for the New Year
December 2014 Issue 

Issue 2 - Love Conquers All
November 2014 Issue 
Issue 1 - Positively CARefree!
November 2014 Issue 
While most patients dismay after a cancer diagnosis, Madam Usdiati begs to differ. To her,  her Multiple Myeloma diagnosis is a clarion call to her purpose in life, to help young children in her community get the education they deserve.  The fight against cancer is never easy; it is a test of mind, body and willpower that may stretch on for days, months, and even years on end and it doesn’t just affect the victim, but their caregivers as well and we hope to pass a beacon of strength and courage via our NCIS Stories of Hope. Diagnosed with Leukaemia and with a financial burden to bear, Dinesh was close to giving up. But his wife of 13 years and two young children kept him going, and Dinesh has been cancer-free for seven years now, testament that love conquers all. Despite his brush with Colorectal Cancer, Mr Seow remains positively carefree. An avid collector of vintage cars, he keeps himself happy and busy with his passion and gives motivational talks to inspire others of his journey with cancer.