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Relax Your Mind Yin Yoga Classes

Relax Your Mind Yin Yoga Classes

***Classes are exclusively for Cancer Patients/Survivors & their Caregivers***

​Under the tutelage of Leukaemia survivor Chrissie Tan, cancer patients, survivors and caregivers can embark on a mental and physical journey in discovering inner peace and natural healing through the relaxing practice of Yin Yoga, Mindful Breathing and Yogic Sleep (Guided Relaxation). The classes are tailored to suit each individual's capabilities and movement range, taking into account the limitations of each individual's condition.

  • 5 minutes - Assessment of patients' physical condition for the day
  • 15 minutes - Calming breathing exercises
  • 20 minutes - Gentle Yin stretches
  • 15 minutes - Yogic sleep: Guided relaxation
  • 5 minutes - Sharing & Bonding session

Classes are conducted every Tuesday, 10.00am - 11.00am.

  • $12 per class
  • $36 per bundle of 4 classes (choose from any 4 classes out of the next 8)

Unlike the more common forms of yoga, Yin Yoga poses are held passively and longer in a most comfortable way. The muscles stay soft and breathing is slow and mindful. As the body remains still, the mind stays calm. This way, we replenish our vital energy and release tensions in the deep layers connective tissues in our body. Energy flow is enhanced and the practitioners experience a true sense of strength, well-being and happiness. 

Yogic Sleep is a therapeutic practice that allows our physical body and mental self to completely relax. One feels rejuvenated, fully rested and stress reduced with just 10 minutes of deep relaxation. 

These combined practices lead us to a massage like experience of inner peace and overall wellness, bringing a deep sense of total healing to our body, mind and emotions.

  • Effective relieve of anxiety, stress, discomfort, insomnia and depression.
  • Stimulation of qi flow for revitalisation of particular organ systems.
  • Silencing of the mind, relaxation of the body and detachment from worries and fears.
  • Learning to breathe deeply and mindfully for strengthening of the immune system to improve and aid recovery.
  • Increasing joint flexibility, allowing for better posture, and freedom from aches and pains.

Chrissie Tan, Yoga Instructor 

As Chrissie received her treatment and bone marrow transplant in NUH, she feels a certain affiliation to the hospital and would like to contribute back to the hospital by helping it's cancer patients and caregivers find peace and strength through her work. 

Following Chrissie's recovery from Leukemia in 2007, she began practicing yoga to achieve a peaceful mind and to strengthen her body. But over the years, Chrissie has found far more positives in yoga, and acknowledges that it has been a learning journey towards self-healing. 

Being a cancer survivor herself, she specialises in teaching Yin Yoga at Inner Balance Yoga where she uses the breathing techniques to aid the body in the recovery process. She is able to tailor the movements to suit each individual's capabilities and range of movements, taking into account the limits of their illness. This practice leaves the person with a renewed sense of peace and well-being as it relaxes both body and mind. The body is able to gradually heal from within and the person will find renewed energy from regular practice. 

Chrissie has been working with children's homes, charity organisations, yoga centers, corporate companies, hospital and schools. They include Brahm Centre, Buddhist Fellowship, Casa Santosa Healing Center, Om Shiva Yoga, Alexandra Hospital, National Health Group, Novartis Institute For Tropical Disease, Keppel Fels, Fuji Xerox Singapore, World Fuel Services, NUS, School of the Arts, Jurong Junior College and Raffles Girls School. 

She trained in 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Yoga Alliance USA in 2010. In the same year, she completed Kundalini Yoga, Usui Reiki Energy Healing and most recently Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2012. 

To find out more about Chrissie and how Yin Yoga aided her recovery process, click here!

​June Leong, Yoga Instructor 

June's first encounter with Yoga was in 2004. Since then, she has had 10 years of yoga practice which has enhanced and enabled her to find a deeper connection to her inner being. 

June is inspired to teach because of her passion for yoga, and the deep happiness and quiet focus she has found through practice. Her utmost inspiration is seeing the glow in a student's face, the light in their eyes at the end of each class and the satisfaction that comes from sharing their experience. 

June has completed various teacher trainings such as – the Meridian Series & Yin Yoga Teacher Retreat with Victor Chng, Intensive Anatomy Teaching Training with Martin Kirk and 30 hours Yin & Yang TT with Sarah Power. 

June has a professional certification in medical yoga and she has attended the ayuveda foundation course as well as various workshops by renowned yoga teachers like Rodney Yee, Paul Grilley, Sarah Power, Jason Crandell, Martin Kirk and Jason Nemer. 

June has been teaching yoga to corporate groups such as Singapore Technologies, NUS, NUH as well as mass yoga events in camps, prison etc over the last 2 years. June also conducts private 1-to-1 spa sessions, workshops & outdoor yoga classes.

June's greatest mission is seeing people have a change in their attitudes, shift their perceptions, lift their spirits and transform their lives through dedicated yoga practice. 

31 July 2014 (The Straits Times - Mind Your Body)

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