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Health Resource Centre (HRC)

Health Resource Centre (HRC)

The Health Resource Centre (HRC) is part of our holistic approach in our treatment for cancer patients and their caregivers by providing an avenue for them to learn more about their conditions and attend various support programmes which will enable them to better cope with their disease.

​​We seek to embrace and empower our patients by providing bespoke facilities that our patients can seek warmth, knowledge and comfort in. Familiarise yourself with our all-new Health Resource Centre at the NUH Medical Centre Level 10 before making a trip down to check it out!

Facilities at the HRC include:

  • Resource Library
  • Group Therapy Rooms
  • Massage Chairs
  • Stay Connected @ the HRC
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Multi-purpose Room

The resource library houses over 900 titles of fiction and non-fiction books for visitors to sit back, relax, and immerse themselves in a good read in the comfort of our cushy facilities. Amongst the titles are educational reads with regards to cancer prevention and management which visitors can read up on to be informed with a better understanding of the disease. The books are also available for loan for both patients and caregivers.

Supportive care programmes are conducted in the Group Therapy Rooms and some of the ongoing supportive care programmes include:

  • Caregivers in Cancer - Basic Homeskills Training Programme
    Targeted at cancer caregivers, the programme will equip them with basic homecare skills to help them better care for their loved ones with cancer.
  • Living with Cancer Education Series
    A series of educational talks conducted by healthcare professionals like psychologists, dietitians, doctors and nurses to help patients and caregivers in enhancing their quality of life.
  • Look Good Feel Better Program
    Teaching beauty techniques to female patients for them to overcome the temporary appearance-related changes from cancer treatment thus helping them to improve their self-esteem and enabling them to mange their disease and treatment with greater confidence.
  • Kids Connect!
    A free emotional support programme for children aged between 7-12 who have parents or caregivers touched by cancer. The programme is led by medical social workers trained in the care of families coping with cancer.

For the full list of Supportive Care Programmes we have to offer, click here.

Tucked away at a serene corner of Level 10 of the NUH Medical Centre are also 2 sets of massage chairs proudly sponsored by OSIM, where patients and caregivers can retreat into their personal sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation as they knead away their stresses and tensions both mentally and physically, another holistic initiative by the HRC to ease the journey of patients and their caregivers.

At the HRC, our patients and their caregivers are also able to surf the internet and enjoy online entertainment in the comfort of our cozy facilities while waiting to see the Doctor or waiting for their loved ones.