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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Partnerships & Sponsorships

​​​ Partnerships & SponsorshipsPartnerships & Sponsorships

Battling a disease like cancer is never easy not only for the patient, but for their caregivers as well. At our Health Resource Centre (HRC), we seek to make our patients and their caregivers' journey a little easier, by offering them a myriad of holistic supportive care programmes and activities to participate and find support in, so they know there is more to life than letting cancer define who they are.

Currently, some supportive care programmes that are being offered to our patients and their caregivers include the Living with Cancer Education Series, Relax Your Mind Yoga Classes as well as Craft Workshops and many more, which you can find more information here

However, as the HRC seeks to continuously improve and enhance our patients and their caregivers' experience with us, we are constantly on the lookout for potential partnerships or sponsorships be it in the form of facilities, tie-ins on activities/events or anything really, that can better the lives of our patients and their caregivers.

Keen to get involved in bettering lives and giving hope to our cancer patients and their caregivers? Contact​ for more information today!