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NCIS Ribbon Challenge 2021

NCIS Ribbon Challenge 2021

​According to the World Health Organization, cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases in 2012. This figure is expected to rise by about 70% over the next two decades. In Singapore, cancer is the top killer among men and women, accounting for 29.7% of deaths in 2015. It is estimated that the lifetime risk of developing cancer is approximately one in four Singaporeans.

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The National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) is a national specialty centre that provides comprehensive and personalised cancer care for both adult and paediatric cancer patients in Singapore. NCIS offers a broad spectrum of dedicated cancer care and management spanning from awareness, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

In 2018, the NCIS Ribbon Challenge was launched to raise awareness and educate the public on how certain cancers, when detected early, can be preventable. This was a ribbon collection drive where the community was encouraged to pin ribbons as a pledge to go for regular cancer screening and take action to keep healthy. The various common cancers were also represented by the different coloured ribbons. A total of 10,000 ribbons were collected then.

In 2019, NCIS Ribbon Challenge expanded to include cancer-related health talks, exercises as well as a cancer information poster exhibition. Over 500 participants attended the event and more than 17,000 ribbons were collected during the month-long campaign.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, the NCIS Ribbon Challenge 2021 will take place virtually to keep everyone safe. Themed 'Together, we fight cancer', we hope to heighten cancer awareness among our loved ones, encourage those battling the disease alongside their caregivers, as well as to express gratitude to our healthcare workers.

So, come on and join us online at the NCIS Ribbon Challenge 2021!

For more info and to support our cause, pledge a ribbon at

The NCIS Ribbon Challenge 2021 aims to increase cancer awareness, emphasise on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and going for regular health screenings. Play your part today in the nationwide fight against cancer and help us reach 15,000 virtual ribbons.

To pledge your ribbon, all you have to do is select a ribbon, write your message of encouragement and then share it on your social media account with our hashtag #NCISRibbonChallenge.

Let's make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Pledge a ribbon today!

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There will a mammobus on 21 March 2021 (Sunday) to carry out mammogram screening for ladies 50 years and above*. 

五十岁以上的女性*可以在三月二十一日( 星期天) 进行乳房x-光检查。

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*Pre-registration is required. To register, please call 6773 7888 or email

*请预先注册。若有兴趣注册,请致电6773 7888或发送电子邮件

For Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 years and above*, receive a FIT Kit at no cost at

五十岁以上的新加坡人和永久居民*,可以在以下地点 领取无需收费FIT检验器。

*Terms and conditions apply


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