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Welcome Address

Welcome Address

Head & Senior Consultant
Division of Surgical Oncology
National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

NCIS International Surgical Oncology Symposium

"I would like to invite all of you to attend the inaugural International Surgical Oncology Symposium, organised by National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS). NCIS is a national specialist centre under the National University Health System (NUHS). 

Surgery is an important treatment option for cancer and remains the mainstay curative treatment for most solid organ cancers. Surgical oncology has evolved rapidly over the years. There will be 4 main symposia and plenary sessions in this meeting to cover a wide range of current topics including minimally invasive surgery, neoadjuvant therapy, perioperative care and novel therapies. We have invited many stellar faculties from around the world to speak at the symposium. 

In addition, the symposium will be a hybrid format to allow both on-site and online participants. I am looking forward to seeing you in this conference."