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Ophthalmic Oncology

Ophthalmic Oncology

The Ophthalmic Oncology Service under the NUH Department of Ophthalmology offers a comprehensive range of services for children and adults affected by benign and malignant tumours involving the eyeballs, ocular surface and ocular adnexal structures – the eyelids, the lacrimal drainage system and the orbits.

The service maintains close partnership with several other subspecialties which ensures a comprehensive range of services to treat patients using unique multidisciplinary and multimodality approaches. These include paediatric & adult oncology, radiation oncology, neuro-interventional radiology, rhinology, facial plastic surgery, Mohs micrographic surgery, ophthalmic pathology and the ocular prosthetic teams. 

The NUH Ophthalmic Oncology service comprises of teams managing paediatric & adult intraocular tumours, ocular surface tumours, the ocular adnexal tumours and the ocular prosthetician. 

Most adult intraocular tumours are managed with globe preservation using a combination of lasers, cryotherapy or radiation therapy. Disease spread from elsewhere (metastasis) may require systemic management by oncologists and radiation treatment (brachytherapy or external beam radiation). Intractable tumours may require globe removal with rehabilitation. 

Our ocular oncology team is comprised of consultants trained in retinal and oculoplastic diseases and surgery.

(Left to right) A/Prof Lingam GopalA/Prof Caroline CheeDr Gangadhara SundarDr Blanche LimDr Janice LamDr George Thomas

​Preferably managed by globe preservation using systemic or intraarterial chemotherapy coupled with lasers, intravitreal chemotherapy, cryotherapy, the team is comprised of ophthalmologists, pediatric oncologists and interventional radiologists. 

(Left to right) Prof Quah Thuan ChongDr Miriam KimpoDr Gangadhara SundarDr Anil GopinathanA/Prof Lingam GopalDr Janice Lam

The team is run by the fellowship trained surgeons who diagnose and perform Orbit & Oculofacial surgery for tumours and tumour-like conditions of the eyelids, the tear ducts (lacrimal drainage system) and the eye sockets (orbits).

Spectrum of procedures offered include incision and excision biopsy, resection with reconstruction and when indicated, chemoreduction and radiotherapy. They also closely work with the pediatric adult adult oncology, rhinology, facial plastic surgery neurosurgery and radiation oncology as indicated. 

Dr Gangadhara Sundar and Dr Blanche Lim

​Ocular surface tumours refer to a wide spectrum of tumours arising from cornea and conjunctiva. Although relatively rare, these tumours have significant morbidity and even mortality if not treated in time. A high index of suspicion is the key to diagnosis with outcomes improved with early and aggressive management.

(Left to right) Dr Charmaine Chai, A/Prof Ray Manotosh, Dr Chris Lim

​Our certified and experienced Ocular Prosthetician provides the following services: conformers, customised ocular prosthesis, scleral shells and symblepharon rings when indicated. This helps restore both the form and appearance of eyes that may require removal for various reasons – enucleation or evisceration.

Ocular Prosthesis Specialist Ms Suriya Abu Waled