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Milestones, Achievements & Awards

Milestones, Achievements & Awards


  • ​Congratulations to Ms Chua Wen Hui (Merit) and Ms Priscilla Tay (Finalist) who have both been recognised for their incredible work as Clinical Research Coordinators! 

    The Distinguished Contributor Award recognises the steady work of CRCs who are the backbone of Singapore's clinical research community. They have powered the progress of scientific research, leading to the development of treatment, drugs and therapies for patients.

  • NCIS commences First-In-Human trial for CAR-T cell therapy using cells from healthy cancer-free donors. The two-year trial will test a new therapy on nine to 18 patients who have six of the most common types of cancers in Singapore - lymphoma, multiple myeloma, colorectal, lung, liver or ovarian cancer.

    “Cellular therapies form a new frontier of immunotherapy approaches to target cancer and its surrounding microenvironment. While inroads have been made with CAR-T cell therapies in blood cancers, those for solid tumours have had fewer successes. Hopefully, this trial will provide us with the information we need to bring this promising treatment strategy to a broader group of patients with cancer.” - Dr Raghav Sundar



  • Assistant Nurse Clinician Lim Chi Ching, NCIS Ward 56 was awarded the MOH Nurses' Merit Awards 2021.

  • The annual National Day Awards recognises various types of merit and service to the nation. Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike are honoured for outstanding contributions to the civil or military service, social and community work or excellent performance in their own field.

    In recognition of their dedication and inspiration, our three Team NCIS nurses - Senior Nurse Clincian Belinda Joy Tan (Cancer Centre), Assistant Nurse Clinician Tan Kay Hwee (Ward 58) and Nurse Educator Wendy Wee (Ward 56) received their Long Service Medal this year!

  • Heartiest congratulations to our nurses - Head of Division Dr Lee Yee Mei, Nurse Clinician Chua Chue Teng, Assistant Nurse Clinician Aeint Kyel Syn, Senior Staff Nurse Grace Cham and Senior Staff Nurse Nur Shabrina Abdul Samad, for clinching the Singapore Healthcare Management 2021 Merit Award.

    Their project titled 'Multipronged approach right-site cancer patients receiving subcutaneous GCSF injections' has benefitted patients tremendously as they require lesser trips to the hospital, as well as right-siting 65% of patients safely and sustaining it.

  • Congratulations to our NCIS clinicians from the Department of Haematology-Oncology - Dr Joline Lim, Dr Angela Pang, Dr Natalie Ngoi and Dr Jerald Loh, whose abstracts were selected for oral and poster presentations at the European Society of Medical Oncology Congress, 16 to 21 September 2021.

  • In October 2021, NCIS launched its first WhatsApp Education Bot named Angie, to connect with women at risk of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (HBOC). Angie aims to help improve patient experience by automating the collection of family medical records in the form of 'bite-sized modules' delivered via the instant messaging platform. 

    Dr Samuel Ow, said that the chatbot allows oncologists to reach out to patients early, and provide targeted education so that they come for their consultation better informed and ready to decide on the next step.

    Click here for more information about Angie.

  • ​Congratulations to our senior clinicians Prof Kesavan Esuvaranathan and A/Prof Jeffrey Low on winning the Distinguished Senior Clinician Award 2021, awarded by the Ministry of Health (MOH)!

  • Congratulations to our NCIS' Dream Makers team on winning the Singapore Patient Action Awards 2021 - Singapore Patient Engagement Initiative Award!

  • The National Medical Research Council (NMRC) presents awards to outstanding clinician scientists and researchers annually, to recognise their achievements and contributions to better healthcare outcomes.

     This year, we have 12 clinicians from NCIS who have won the various awards and they are:


  • Researchers from the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) and Cancer Science Institute at NUS developed an AI-driven digital medicine platform called Quadratic Phenotypic Optimisation Platform (QPOP), to help doctors make better clinical decisions when treating cancer patients. Read more here.

  • Established in 1962, the annual National Day Awards recognises various types of merit and service to the nation. Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike are honoured for outstanding contributions to the civil or military service, social and community work or excellent performance in their own field.

    We congratulate our NCIS recipients Prof Chng Wee Joo, Prof Goh Boon Cher, Prof Lee Soo Chin and Ms Ong Gaik Hong!

  • Professor Chng Wee Joo has been conferred the 2020 Brian G.M. Durie Outstanding Achievement Award by the International Myeloma Foundation at the 11th Annual International Myeloma Working Group Summit held on 26th August 2020. He is the first Asian to receive this prestigious award. This international award is given to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in multiple myeloma research, and has significantly improved the lives of patients. The prestigious accolade is judged by a working group comprising more than 200 international myeloma experts who conduct collaborative basic, clinical, and translational research to improve health outcomes.

    The scope of Professor Chng’s research projects include: “Understanding genetic abnormalities and the role they play in myeloma development”; “Stratification of patients into different risk group”; “Understanding the reasons underlying high risk disease that remain a therapeutic challenge”, and “Developing an Asia-wide clinical trial network that provide early access to novel effective treatment” (not just in Singapore but also in other Asian countries). These contributions have resulted in better ways to stratify patients, potential new therapeutic strategies for high risk patients, and an improvement in outcomes of patients due to access to trials.

  • Awarded by the International Society for the Study of Pleura and Peritoneum (ISSPP), the annual Peritoneum Prize recognises the contribution in research on pleura and peritoneum diseases.

    This year, Professor Jimmy So, Head and Senior Consultant from the Division of Surgical Oncology at NCIS is awarded the Laureate of the Peritoneum Prize 2020 as the Principal Investigator of the EXPEL trial.

    The EXPEL trial which involved 800 patients from 22 hospitals in Asia, is a prospective randomised and high-quality surgical study that evaluates the potential benefit of peritoneal lavage after a stomach resection surgery.


    Together with researchers from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NCIS team co-led by Dr Raghav Sundar, taps on artificial intelligence to offer personalised treatments for cancer patients, by calibrating the patient's recommended dose using clinical data generated from their individual response to treatment. Click here to read more.




  • The NCIS launched the "NCIS on the Go" programme, offering basic cancer care and services islandwide, for greater convenience and accessiblity to the community.
  • The NCIS, CSI and ASLAN Pharmaceuticals announced a research development collaboration to investigate the potential of ASLAN003 as a monotherapy and in combination with other targeted agents for haematologic cancers, and rapidly advance the compound into oncology clinical trials.
  • Clinician scientists and researchers from the NCIS clinch awards at the National Medical Research Council (NMRC) Awards 2017.

    Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award
    Professor Chng Wee Joo

    Clinician Scientist Award - Investigator
    Dr David Tan

    Transition Award
    Dr Anand Jeyasekharan
  • Video conferencing on the MOHH Video Conferencing platform was made available for patient consultations.
  • Dr Raghav Sundar and Dr Joline Lim, Associate Consultants, Department of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS, are awarded the Merit Award at the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting.
  • Nurse Educator Wendy Wee, Ward 56, NCIS, was awarded the Ministry of Health (MOH) Nurses' Merit Award 2017.
  • Prof Chng Wee Joo, Director and Senior Consultant, Department of Haematology-Oncology, NCIS, was awarded the Research of the Year Award at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Medicine Awards Ceremony cum Strategic Workshop.
  • Dr Lee Yee Mei, Head, Division of Oncology Nursing, NCIS, was awarded the President's Award for Nursing 2017 at the President's Awards 2017.
  • The NCIS hosted the NUHS-Fred Hutchinson Conference and Symposium on "Population Health Impact on Chronic Diseases".
  • The NCIS conducted the NCIS-AbbVie Haematology Preceptorship.
  • The NCIS launched blood-taking services at 10 selected polyclinics in collaboration with NHG Diagnostics.
  • The NCIS held the inaugural NCIS-CHSPR (Centre for Health Services & Policy Rsearch) Health Services Research Workshop.
  • The NCIS' inaugural collaboration with the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for the Winning Against Cancer Symposium 2017.
  • The NCIS conducts the 1st Asia-Pacific PIPAC (Pressurised Intraperitoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy) Symposium and Workshop.




  • NCIS starts Phase I clinic sessions at the Cancer Centre.
  • NCIS in collaboration with SGH hosted the 1st Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence in Haematological Malignancies: B-Cell Malignancies from 15-16 May which was attended by overseas delegates across Asia-Pacific.
  • On 9 July 2014, NUH acting through NCIS signed a 10-year Oncology Collaboration Agreement with Jurong Health Services Pte. Ltd to partner up in the development of a dedicated oncology service termed as "JurongHealth-NCIS Cancer Service" at the future Ng Teng Fong General Hospital to administer better health and clinical outcomes for cancer patients housed at the Western region of Singapore from 30 June 2015 onwards.
  • Launch of first NCIS Annual Research Meeting (NCAM), providing a platform for researchers working in different fields of cancer within NCIS, CSI and NUHS to interact and develop future collaborations.
  • Nurse Clinican Sharmila D/o Kasinathan wins The Efficiency Medal at the National Day Awards 2014.
  • A/Prof Allen Yeoh wins the National Outstanding Clinician Scientist Award at the National Medical Excellence Awards (NMEA) 2014.
  • A/Prof Chng Wee Joo is appointed Director of the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS).
  • The Lymphoma Support Group, the first for all public and restructured hospitals, is established at the NCIS.
  • Prof John Wong Eu-Li is conferred the President's Science and Technology Medal at the President's Science and Technology Awards (PSTA) 2014, the highest scientific honours in Singapore that serve to recognise exceptional individuals and teams for their achievements in science and technology, and acknowledge their outstanding contributions to the research and development landscape.
  • Launch of Phase I R-EPOCH for outpatient chemotherapy to reduce ward stay duration.
  • Officially listed as a partner of the International Cancer Expert Corps (ICEC) to build global health alliances with the aim of reducing mortality and improving the quality of life for people with cancer in low- and middle income countries and regions worldwide by providing resources, personnel and connectivity among associates and experts.





  • A/Prof Lee Soo Chin together with her team discovered that in the treatment of breast cancer, the combination of anti-fungal drug, ketoconazole and chemotherapy drug, docetaxel, is capable of reducing the dosage of docetaxel by half, hence reducing costs to patients and result in fewer side effects.
  • NCIS's 1st International Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Symposium held at NUH.
  • NCIS achieves a score of 80.2 in the 2010 MOH Patient Satisfaction Survey, which is the 3rd highest score across the 9 National Centres in Singapore.
  • NCIS launched its first "Winning Against Cancer" Public Symposium covering topics on treatment for breast, lung and rectal cancers.
  • NCIS formalises the Haematology - Oncology Research Group (HORG), a part of Cancer Therapeutics Research Group (CTRG).
  • 3 year endorsement as Evidence-Based Healthcare Institution by Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI).
  • A/Prof Goh Boon Cher clinched the "Senior Clinician Scientist Award" at the 2010 National Medical Research Council (NMRC). The NMRC Senior Clinician Scientist Awards recognises members in the medical community who possesses a consistent record of excellence in research, to enable them to carry out internationally competitive and influential translational and clinical research.
  • NCIS adopted the 3D High-dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy, a first in Southeast Asia.


  • A/Prof Lee Soo Chin clinched the "Senior Clinician Scientist Award" at the 2009 National Medical Research Council (NMRC). The NMRC Senior Clinician Scientist Awards recognises members in the medical community who possesses a consistent record of excellence in research, to enable them to carry out internationally competitive and influential translational and clinical research.
  • Prof Philip Koeffler was appointed the Deputy Director (Research) of the NCIS.
  • NCIS formed the Gynaecology-Oncology and Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation patient support groups.
  • NCIS formalised a 15-year contract with Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Radiation Therapy Centre. 
  • NCIS kick-started a partnership with the American Society of Hematology (ASH).
  • NCIS kick-started a research collaboration with Duke-NUS for advancing anti-lung cancer therapy.


  • NCIS formed the Division of Oncology Nursing led by Dr Emily Ang.
  • A/Prof Chng Wee Joo, Consultant at the Department of Haematology - Oncology and A/Prof Allen Yeoh, Senior Consultant at the Division of Paediatrics Oncology win the Clinician Scientist Award 2008.
  • TCI was renamed the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) in 2008 and assumed the key responsibilities of being a national specialist centre for cancer.
  • NCIS conducted its first study trip to the United States of America.


  • TCI participates in the NUH Public Exhibition titled "Celebrating Our Excellence - Medical Care, Research and Education" at Suntec City in March - April.
  • The Ministry of Health announces new Specialty Centre for Cancer in Singapore which will be situated at the NUH.
  • A/Prof Chng Wee Joo, Consultant at the Department of Haematology - Oncology receives the 2007 Celgene Future Leaders in Haematology Award.
  • TCI at NUH research team conducts successful 'First-in-human' Phase 1 Clinical Trial.
  • Dr Emily Ang, TCI's Deputy Director of Oncology Nursing wins the Healthcare Humanity Award. The prestigious award was presented to her at the National Day Awards Investiture Ceremony 2007 by the then Minister for Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan.

  • Dr Yong Wei Peng of TCI at NUH wins Clinician Scientist Award.


  • TCI opens the Cancer Centre at Level 8 of Kent Ridge Wing and Ward 86.
  • Dr Lee Soo Chin of TCI at NUH wins Clinician Scientist Award.


  • TCI & NUH perform Asia's first bone marrow and kidney transplant.
  • Dr Goh Boon Cher of TCI at NUH wins Clinician Scientist Award.
  • TCI supports the NKF Community Breast Cancer Awareness Programme for Malay Women, organised by NKF Cancer Fund & Darussalam Mosque.
  • The NCIS Chemotherapy Suite held a naming ceremony for Dr & Mrs Harold Lim Liat Hin.
  • TCI signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University (Shanghai).
  • TCI's Radiotherapy Centre signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Shandong Provincial Hospital.
  • TCI Radiotherapy Centre at NUH wins the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) 2005, Technical Service Improvement Category.
  • TCI receives Singapore Cancer Society -Terry Fox Cancer Research Grant worth $100,000.


  • TCI is sole recipient of the Singapore Cancer Society - Terry Fox Cancer Research Grant worth $200,000.


  • TCI was awarded the Terry Fox Run Cancer Research Grant worth $350,000, the single largest grant amount ever to be presented by Singapore Cancer Society for cancer research.
  • TCI partnering the Singapore Cancer Society, MUIS and MERAK launched a Cancer Awareness Programme for Malay/Muslim Women at the Al-Iman Mosque.


  • Opening of TCI at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
  • Accreditation by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists for specialist training in Radiation Oncology.
  • TCI is selected as one of the four beneficiaries of The Million Dollar Duck Race.



  • Formation of The Cancer Institute (TCI).


  • Opening of the Radiotherapy Centre at NUH.


  • Opening of the NUH Oncology Centre at Kent Ridge Wing.


  • The Oncology Centre, Singapore's first ambulatory care facility for cancer patientsm was set up at the National University Hospital (NUH)'s Dentistry wing.