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Gynaecologic Oncology Patients TEAL Support Group

Gynaecologic Oncology Patients TEAL Support Group

About Us

TEAL is the colour of gynaecological cancer awareness; for us, it also stands for Totally Empowered, Actively Living.  This describes the women of the TEAL Support Group who are empowered by the support of fellow members, caregivers and their doctors to actively live lives that are cancer-free.  TEAL was launched 11 October 2008 at NUH. 

Our Mission

We aim to CREATE a safe, warm and NURTURING environment which EMPOWERS women in the next phase of their lives beyond cancer treatment. We aim to do this by providing psychosocial and emotional support. We EMPOWER with knowledge and educational programs on self-care and cancer rehabilitation. 

What We Have To Offer

  • A platform to communicate with professional oncology healthcare as well as other women whose lives have been touched by cancer
  • A conducive environment to share and express your feelings without fear
  • Emotional support system by professionals from the Women's Emotional Health Service and existing members/survivors of the group
  • Finding inspiration and hope through regularly organized activities and sharing sessions, allowing you to stay active and healthy in a life beyond cancer
  • Newly diagnosed patients are supported by members of the group, creating an ever-expanding network of women who support each other in actively living life beyond cancer
  • Empowerment of knowledge from support group programs that emphasize self-help, self-care and how to live well beyond cancer 

Activities & Programmes

  • Regular meetings where patients, caregivers, family and doctors empower each other with what they know
  • Quarterly activities, educational talks, workshops and excursions
  • "NCIS Celebrates Life!" party to celebrate the end of year festivities and to look forward to a new year ahead

For a complete calendar of the year's activities, please click here.

For more information, please download a copy of the Gynaecologic Oncology Patients TEAL Support Group brochure

Stories of Hope

Read real-life stories of our cancer warriors and be inspired by their journey of courage, strength and faith!


Madam Chua Gim Beng, diagnosed with ovarian cancer

" After six cycles of 18 chemotherapy treatments, Madam Chua's cancer markers finally became normal and she thought she would be able to resume her life as it was. However, her happiness was short-lived, as in 2013, she suffered a relapse and had to undergo a second surgery. Thereafter, Madam Chua found herself living with cancer over the years. It was a vicious cycle, she would complete her chemotherapy treatment and her cancer markers would go back to normal. But half a year past treatment, her cancer markers would once again escalate, bringing her back to square one."

- Excerpt from Madam Chua's story

Read Madam Chua's story here.



Lely (centre), diagnosed Uterine/Endometrial Cancer

" Lely was starting life anew, living more for herself, and the people around her. Fast forward to February 2012 and she was in Singapore to catch the hit musical “Wicked” at the Marina Bay Sands. She remembered excitedly waiting for the musical to start when she received a call from her Doctor who said the words no cancer patient wishes to ever hear – the cancer is back."

- Excerpt from Lely's story

Read Lely's story here.

June, diagnosed with cervical cancer

" There is no denying the strength of this woman, who empowered herself through the experience rather than let it overpower her. June giggled as she shared of how the experience jostled her to live her life to the fullest, so she went about fulfilling her lifelong wish – to don a wedding gown and get bridal shots taken, even though it meant doing it alone."

- Excerpt from June's story

Read Joan's story here.

For more stories of hope, please click here.

More Information on Gynaecological Cancers

For more information about the different Gynaecologic Cancers and our treatment approach, please visit the following links below: 

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