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Multiple Myeloma Support Group

Multiple Myeloma Support Group

About Us

The Multiple Myeloma Support Group was established to reach out to Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients as well as their caregivers. This group is open to all MM patients, regardless of which hospital they are from. 

Our Mission

Through the Multiple Myeloma Support Group, we hope to provide a platform for MM patients and caregivers to interact and unite, and to find positive solutions. Members of support groups typically share personal experiences and advices, and to offer one another emotional comfort and moral support. Sometimes, it can be helpful just getting to talk to other people in the same boat. We believe that a support group can be a valuable resource to help you cope with the challenges you face. 

What We Have To Offer

  • A platform for emotional comfort and support amongst fellow MM patients through our support group meetings
  • A place to share practical advice and tips
  • A platform to communicate and interact with healthcare professionals
  • A Multiple Myeloma Patient's Booklet which provides patients and caregivers with more information and a better understanding of the disease. To download a soft copy of the booklet, click here. 

Activities & Programmes

  • Yearly National Myeloma Forum, where various doctors and other healthcare professionals conduct informative talks about medical treatments, reseach and strategies
  • Quarterly support group meetings and educational talks
  • Regular sharing sessions and activities where patients and their caregivers can openly share their feelings and allow for cross-sharing of information

Stories of Hope

Read real-life stories of our cancer warriors and be inspired by their journey of courage, strength and faith!


Li Leng, diagnosed with multiple myeloma

" The months went by like a whirlwind, Li Leng’s lifestyle now revolved around a cocktail of potent drugs, countless injections, multiple trips to the hospital, hospital stays that lasted up to two months, side effects such as diarrhoea and peripheral neuropathy, all of which exposed her frailties and weaknesses out in the open, a situation the independent Li Leng was not used to, but somehow, became her “new normal”."

- Excerpt from Li Leng's story

Read Li Leng's story here.



Madam Usdiati, diagnosed with multiple myeloma

" When asked how she first took the news, Madam Usdiati maintained her upbeat persona as she exclaimed how lucky she felt to have gotten a proper diagnosis and to know that there is a cure to look forward to. Brows furrowed, she told us treatment costs were a primary concern then, especially since she did not have insurance coverage, but she found solace in the unwavering support of her family and placed in faith in her God."

- Excerpt from Madam Usdiati's story

Read Madam Usdiati's story here.

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More Information on Multiple Myeloma

For more information about Multiple Myeloma and our treatment approach, click here.

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