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Sarcoma Support Group

Sarcoma Support Group

About Us


Officially launched in May 2016, the Sarcoma Support Group is established by the multi-disciplinary Sarcoma team at the NCIS in collaboration with the National Cancer Centre Singapore, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Singapore Sarcoma Consortium. It aims to reach out to Sarcoma patients, survivors and their caregivers.

Our Mission

Sarcoma is one of the lesser known cancers in Singapore and it affects patients across a trajectory of ages from the very young, to old. The aim of the Support Group is to provide shared resources for emotional and psychological support, where invaluable knowledge and experience can be shared with patients and their caregivers. 

The Sarcoma Support Group aims to provide a safe and comforting environment that allows for interaction and shared experiences amongst patients and caregivers who face difficulties in coping with the diagnosis, treatment and side effects. 

We hope to create a network that unites, inspires and provides support through the challenges that patients and caregivers face. 

What We Have To Offer

  • Information and support on current treatments, coping strategies and rehabilitation to patients and caregivers
  • A platform to bond and network with fellow cancer patients and survivors
  • Access to other cancer survivors who can share their experience and knowledge battling and managing the disease

Activities & Programmes

  • Twice yearly support group meetings / activities
  • Informal sharing sessions
  • Quarterly educational talks
  • "NCIS Celebrates Life!" survivorship party to celebrate the end of year festivities and look forward to a new year ahead
For a complete calendar of the year's activities, please click here.

Update yourself on support group happenings and activites via their official blog here.

For more information, download a copy of the Sarcoma Support Group Brochure here.

Stories of Hope

Read real-life stories of our cancer warriors and be inspired by their journey of courage, strength and faith!


Uncle Chang Fook Tin, diagnosed with Sarcoma when he was 79 years old

" The next course for Uncle Chang was to undergo treatment, and after two surgeries and 33 sessions of radiation therapy, it was positive news for him as the cancer was cleared, and his hand function improved. The years went by, and just as Uncle Chang thought that life was back to normal, one Sunday morning in May 2015, he was awakened by an intense pain shooting up his right arm. Accompanied by his sister and helper, he was immediately rushed to the Accident & Emergency Ward and an X-ray found that his lower arm bone had broken into many pieces."

- Excerpt from Uncle Chang's story

Read Uncle Chang's story here.



Ter Cheah, diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma when she was six years old

" Once upon a time, there was a little girl. On the outside, she looked just like every other girl. But to people who knew her, she was a special little girl. While others her age pranced and danced, she could only sit and watch from the side. Sometimes, she felt like Cinderella, who had lost her shoe while running away from the party. This little girl too, had lost something precious, but unlike Cinderella, she could never get it back. And it made her wonder; would she ever find her hapily ever after?"

- Excerpt from Ter Cheah's story

Read Ter Cheah's story here.

For more stories of hope, please click here.

More Information on Sarcoma

For more information about Sarcoma and the our treatment approach, please click here.

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