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Geriatric Oncology

Geriatric Oncology

A cancer diagnosis is difficult for anyone, but it is especially challenging in an older person also living with multiple medical problems, functional limitations or cognitive impairments. Older adults and their caregivers not only have special needs and more considerations, but are also faced with additional pre-existing health conditions, increased financial burdens and constraints, and caregiver burn-out.

Our specialised Geriatric Oncology Service understands these areas of vulnerabilities and the impact it has on your life.

Geriatric oncology is a sub-specialty committed to the provision of appropriate cancer treatment to older patients. It comprises of a specialised multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists and social workers who will work with you to provide individualised holistic cancer management plans and interventions to support you along your cancer journey.

To learn more about Geriatric Oncology, watch the videos below.

Geriatric Oncology : Optimising Care for older adults with cancer

This video explains how with tailored recommendations and support from a Geriatric Oncology, an older adult with cancer can also receive optimal cancer treatment and maintain their quality of life in their cancer journey.



The GOLDEN programme led by the NCIS Geriatric Oncology team is a one-stop clinic for older adults diagnosed with cancer. Available in NUH and NTFGH, we provide a range of medical services designed to support you in planning and managing your cancer journey. 

Older adults with cancer have unique needs that are independent of routine oncology care. Our clinic provides a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) for every patient referred to the geriatric oncology service. This assessment pays careful attention to the person's physical and mental function, social situation, other medical problems and nutritional status. With this assessment, interventions will be recommended to improve health outcomes for our patients.

On top of managing existing health conditions, we identify and treat conditions that may be more common in older adults (e.g., dementia and incontinence). With a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals at your service, we take a multidisciplinary approach to ensure your care plans is tailored to your needs.  

​A cancer diagnosis can be difficult and life-changing. We understand that it is not only deeply personal but also different for each patient.

Our team of professionals developed a 3-step approach to ensuring you receive the most suitable care. With the support of our team and your caretaker, we provide the following through our multidisciplinary services:

 Comprehensive assessment 
of your medical, psychosocial 
and fitness needs
Develop a holistic treatment plan best suited for you
Providing timely, appropriate services and support 
throughout your cancer journey

To find out more about GOLDEN programme, view brochure here or watch the video below.

This video interviews Mr and Mrs Tng who are both older adult cancer survivors sharing about their cancer journey in NCIS and their experience with the NCIS GOLDEN programme.

Before starting your journey with the GOLDEN programme, check if you are eligible:
  • I am a cancer patient aged 65 and above
  • I am receiving treatment at NCIS

The GOLDEN journey:

Upon cancer diagnosis, your doctor will discuss treatment options with you

Screening by a Geriatric Oncology Nurse

If suitable, you will be referred to the Golden programme.

Comprehensive Health Review

A detailed assessment of your medical, fitness, nutritional and psychosocial needs will be conducted. The Golden team will then develop a tailored treatment plan just for you.

Additional support during cancer treatment with follow up phone calls and clinic review by Geriatric Oncology team

To find out more about GOLDEN programme, view brochure here.

  • A Geriatric 8 screening of all patients seen in NCIS aged 65 and above
  • A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) of an older patient's fitness for cancer treatment and tailoring the treatment
  • A MILES Surgical pre-rehabilitation programme for patients planned for cancer surgery to achieve optimal post-surgery recovery
  • Multidisciplinary team discussions with tailored interventions by the team of geriatricians, oncologists, oncology nurses, care coordinators, medical social workers, dieticians, pharmacists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists in a one-stop clinic
  • Close follow-up via telehealth during an older adult's cancer treatment to follow up on their health status and to manage the side effects of treatment
  • Survivorship follow-up to co-manage challenges faced by cancer survivors, other co-morbidities and geriatric syndromes
  • Caregiver support for caregivers of older adults with cancers

Our team of experienced and trusted professionals are here for you at every step of your journey. Through the GOLDEN programme, you will receive tailored multidisciplinary support from our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dietitians.

Quality of care is important to us. Discuss the latest insights on clinical application and make a difference for every patient, everywhere.

​Establishing a sustainable geriatric-haematology oncology service in a tertiary cancer centre- moving towards CGA-driven home-based interventions, improving quality of life for elderly patients with cancer.

​Chemotherapy Toxicity Score Prediction Study in older Asian adults

Click here to find out more

​Artificial Intelligence modelling approach to Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for Haematology-Oncology patients

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Educational Materials

GOLDEN Programme Handbook
A handbook on tips for older adults with cancer on how to live well, eat well and maintain an active lifestyle during cancer treatment.

GOLDEN Programme Brochure (English) 

A brief introduction to the GOLDEN programme: on how the programme benefits and supports older adult cancer patients together with their caregivers.

GOLDEN Programme Brochure (Chinese) 
A brief introduction to the GOLDEN programme: on how the programme benefits and supports older adult cancer patients together with their caregivers.

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