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Acute Leukaemia Warriors Support Group

Acute Leukaemia Warriors Support Group

Acute Leukaemia Warriors Support Group

Established in 2015, the Acute Leukaemia Warriors Support Group is organised by a multi-disciplinary team at the NCIS. It comprises of young adult patients and survivors who have been afflicted by Acute Leukaemia. Caregivers are also welcome to join.

Our Mission

Being diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia may be difficult to accept for anyone, particularly so for young adults who are at the prime of their life – excelling at their studies, climbing the corporate ladder or developing relationships. Not only do they have to battle their diagnosis and treatment, they also have to manage their emotions and physical changes, as well as cope with changes to their lifestyle.

The Acute Leukaemia Warriors Support Group hopes to encourage young adults to overcome their battle with the disease and triumph as confident individuals with a strong passion for life and a heart to support fellow young adult Acute Leukaemia patients, so that the battle can be won together.

What We Have To Offer

  • Big group gatherings to share and have a time of food and fun
  • Pairing of patients with similar situations for in-depth and continued support

Activities & Programmes

  • Patient sharing sessions in both large and small groups
  • Visitations by fellow patients

For a complete calendar of the year's activities, please click here.

Stories of Hope

Read real-life stories of our cancer warriors and be inspired by their journey of courage, strength and faith!


Deshi, Diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia (AML)

"Deshi was at the lowest point of her life. Her self-esteem hit rock bottom. Usually image-conscious, Deshi found her loss of hair, skin darkening and facial swelling hard to accept. She also lost 10kg during this period, bringing her weight down to a mere 45kg. Her physical appearance took a toll on her mentally, triggering constant mood swings and bouts of frustration, which she took out on her boyfriend and nurses."

- Excerpt from Deshi's story

Read Deshi's story here.



Narita, Diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia (AML)

"Narita found herself unwittingly forced into a waiting game – a sick cycle carousel of chemotherapy treatments over and over, till a bone marrow donor match could be found. The odds were 1 in 20,000. It felt like a ticking time-bomb as Narita only had months to live. Her brother who initially tested as a match was found physically unfit to donate his bone marrow. Narita was hit with a wave of disappointment as her life now rested in the hands of a stranger who dared and cared about making a difference."

- Excerpt from Narita's story

Read Narita's story here.


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More Information on Leukaemia

For more information about Leukaemia and our treatment approach, please click here.

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