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Lymphoma Support Group

Lymphoma Support Group

About Us

The Lymphoma Support Group was set up in September 2014 by the multi-disciplinary lymphoma team at the NCIS as a support group for patients with lymphoma and their caregivers. Comprising of patients, survivors, family members and caregivers, this group is open to all patients with lymphoma, regardless of the hospital they are treated at.  

Our Mission

Through the Lymphoma Support Group, we hope to provide a safe and supportive environment for patients, survivors, their family members and caregivers to seek emotional and psychological support and learn from each other. It serves as a platform for members to interact, unite, share personal experiences and advices, and to offer one another emotional comfort and moral support. We believe the support group will be a valuable resource in helping patients and their caregivers cope with the challenges they face in dealing with their illness.  

What We Have To Offer

  • A platform for emotional comfort and support amongst fellow lymphoma patients through support group meetings
  • A platform to communicate and interact with healthcare professionals
  • A place to share practical advice and tips

Activities & Programmes

  • Quarterly meet-ups
  • Year-end party
  • Lymphoma Symposium
For a complete calendar of the year's activities, please click here.

Stories of Hope

Read real-life stories of our cancer warriors and be inspired by their journey of courage, strength and faith!


Erma Maulood, diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

" When Erma heard the diagnosis, there were no tears. Her first thought was of her three young children, and what would happen to them if she passed on. Idi was next to hear the news and unlike Erma, he found the news very hard to accept, particularly since both of them had no clue what Lymphoma was and Erma had no family history of cancer. When the news had finally set in, the couple found peace by accepting that it was all part of their God's plan, and that they had to move forward, especially for their kids."

- Excerpt from Erma's story

Read Erma's story here.

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More Information on Lymphoma

For more information about Lymphoma and our treatment approach, please click here.

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