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Breast Cancer Care Approach

Breast Cancer Care Approach


Here at NCIS, we adopt a comprehensive ​and holistic three-prong Total Breast Cancer Care approach in managing patients who have been afflicted with breast cancer. Under the Total Breast Cancer Care approach, emphasis is centered on the patient with clinical, research and educational initiatives focused on them. Current treatment is optimised, value-added resources are provided and there is increased access to new drugs to counter patien​t relapse. Furthermore, continuous research is conducted to seek out new treatments alongside patient education to guide patients through their journey with breast cancer.

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Breast cancer presentation varies widely between patients, some presenting with early, curative disease (Stage 0) and others with late disease. It is essential that all patients are properly staged and the appropriate treatment planned. At NC​IS, we work as a multidisciplinary team – surgeons and oncologists together with radiologists and pathologists so that a diagnosis is obtained and treatment started in a timely manner. The treatment for every patient is discussed at regular weekly meetings by the whole team and the best option is chosen for each individual.

In a patient's journey through this – there are many specialists involved and part of the problem may be navigating different clinic locations. Her​e at NCIS, all specialists involved in breast cancer care have been housed in one convenient location (Levels 8-10 Medical Centre).

Breast cancer treatment has improved tremendously in the past two decades, and this is due to active research in the disease. All specialists on the team are engaged in research covering all aspects of breast cancer care and treatment– and patients are regularly invited to participate in research activities to increase our understanding of the disease, its behavior and how we can improve treatment responses.

A diagnosis of cancer is always overwhelming – more so for breast cancer as women have to accept changes in physical appearance as well.

To provide our patients with a relatable support system to ease them through their journey with the illness, we offer the following support services and functions:

  • Breast Care Nurses – We have an excellent team of breast care nurses who are there to provide support, counseling and advice for each stage of the treatment, as the patient will be cared for by different doctors at each stage (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy).
  • Patient Support Groups – To embrace patients into a larger support community of like-minded individuals who are there to listen and share their experiences in dealing with the illness. To find out more about our Breast Cancer Support Group, click here.
  • Interactive Website – Providing patients with accessible and convenient access to expert and up-to-date information pertaining to the illness as well as providing patients with a platform to blog about their personal experiences and make online enquiries with our doctors about their symptoms.