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Cancer Information

Duration And Frequency

Duration And Frequency

​How Often Will I Need To Receive Chemotherapy?

You may receive chemotherapy daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the regimen you are on.  Chemotherapy is often given in cycles, which includes a period of rest in between each treatment cycle. This is to give your body time to regenerate new cells to replace the normal cells that were affected by the chemotherapy drugs.

How Long Is Each Chemotherapy Session?

Some drugs used in chemotherapy are given as an intravenous infusion that may last for hours. Therefore, depending on the type and the number of drugs used in your chemotherapy regimen, as well as the method used to give the drugs, each treatment session may last from just minutes to hours.

How Long Will The Entire Chemotherapy Treatment Last?

The type of cancer you have, the goals of the treatment, the drugs used, and the response of the cancer cells as well as the side effects you may have will determine the duration of your treatment.