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Cancer Information

Paediatric Cancer Care Approach

Paediatric Cancer Care Approach

Our Total Paediatric Cancer Care Approach​​

The NCIS adopts a comprehensive and holistic three-prong Total Paediatric Cancer Care approach in treating children with Childhood Leukaemia.

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We offer a comprehensive panel of investigational tests that can diagnose, subgroup and prognosticate the type of Leukaemia with high accuracy. The purpose of these tests is to allow us to fully understand the biology of the Leukaemia in each individual patient, so as to effectively track the treatment response and accurately tailor our treatment to optimise the response.

At the NCIS, risk profiles of children diagnosed with childhood leukaemia are studied, allowing us to predict the risk of them developing leukaemia, their chances of cure, as well as complications from therapy in order to maximise clinical outcomes. This is funded by the National Medical Research Council, Children's Cancer Foundation and Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer.

The NCIS is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to complement our treatment approaches, and ensure that our patients get the best possible care and treatment outcomes. Alongside a dedicated multi-disciplinary team to manage children with cancer, we are able to provide the complete therapy from diagnosis to chemotherapy, radiation therapy even various type of stem cell transplantation and specialised cell therapy.

The Viva-University Children’s Cancer Centre (VUCCC) is a one-stop centre at the NCIS housing all paediatric cancer patients and is dedicated to doing our best for our patients undergoing chemotherapy and other treatment modalities.

The VUCCC houses the following:

  • Outpatient Consultation Clinics & On-site Pharmacy
  • Day Therapy Centre
  • Inpatient Centre
  • Stem Cell Transplantation Suite

The Day Therapy Centre where our patients receive their chemotherapy each come with its own television monitor. Beds are provided for the children rather than chairs, so that they can have proper rest.