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Oncology nursing is a specialty that cannot be compared to other fields, in as much as the impact of a cancer diagnosis on a person cannot be compared with that of other diseases.

Nurses who care for cancer patients are involved from the point of diagnosis till the stage where the patients either overcome or succumb to the dise​ase. Oncology nurses provide more than just physical care; more importantly, they give emotional and psychological support to patients in their battle against this disease.

Dr Lee Yee Mei (PhD)

"A cancer diagnosis often throws a person out of balance in every aspect of life. The changes occurring to each patient are like no other they have experienced. Assisting cancer patients and their caregivers in dealing with some of life's most fundamental issues and to find some normalcy in life can be difficult but extremely rewarding. Nothing is more gratifying than the privilege of being alongside my patients and supporting them in their personal battle with cancer. Being a clinical nurse also gave me opportunities to share my experience with fellow colleagues and junior nurses. Indeed cancer nursing is one that challenges the mind, body and spirit. But the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is beyond words when you know you have made a difference."

Dr Lee Yee Mei (PhD)
Advanced Practice Nurse
Head, Division of Oncology Nursing

"Oncology nursing is undeniably one of the most emotionally draining nursing career track. It is not easy letting our patients go, as we grief with the relatives upon our patients' demise. However, it is also exceptionally rewarding. When one's life is nearing an end, comfort and dignity as a human being often matter most to both patients and their family members. I came to realize that oncology nursing can touch lives and heal emotional wounds among patients and their caregivers, even when medical therapies have failed. As Oncology nurses, we pride ourselves in providing good quality nursing cares to alleviate patients' sufferings, and ensure a dignified end of life for them. Such experiences have inadvertently made me grow as a person throughout these 6 years as a nurse, as we learn to treasure our lives and our loved ones through the life experiences of our patients."

Senior Staff Nurse Lim Chi Ching
Ward 56
Division of Oncology Nursing

"I have learnt that caring for patients is not just about giving them the right medicine at the right times, it is also about caring for them, being patient with them. A little concern from us means a lot to them. I also feel that it is crucial to keep their caregivers updated so that they can receive the same care at home. As a nurse caring for cancer patients, to be able to play a part in this phase of their lives means a lot to me. Although it may not be easy at times, my motivation is to see the happy faces when they get better. My patients come from all walks of life and they have inspired me in many ways - appreciating life more; living life with courage. My colleagues give me strength and support, we share values and learn lessons from each other."

Senior Staff Nurse Lee Ang Yun
Ward 58
Division of Oncology Nursing

Yvonne Ng

"Some may perceive working in an oncology unit to be sad, stressful and a place of hopelessness. When I tell my friends and relatives that I specialise in oncology, they will give me a look of sorrow and pity. To me, this is a misconception as I truly find pure joy working in an environment with true courage, selflessness, unconditional love and care. I am constantly awed by the genuine humanity among loved ones,and heartened by strangers bonding and becoming bosom buddies through their cancer journeys."

Assistant Nurse Clinician Yvonne Ng
Cancer Centre
Division of Oncology Nursing

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