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Translational Collaborative Partners

Translational Collaborative Partners

Cancer Science Institute of Singapore

Cancer Science Institute (CSI) is a research institute within the National University of Singapore and is one of five Research Centres of Excellence established by the Singapore Government. Located steps a stone’s throw from the National University Hospital, CSI works in close partnership with NCIS, allowing cutting edge scientific findings in CSI laboratories to be tested in clinical trials in NCIS, to advance cancer care for our patients.

NUS Centre for Cancer Research

NUS Centre for Cancer Research (N2CR) facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations to drive research in key areas of cancer study. Research discoveries are then translated into clinical practice to benefit patients.

Singapore Translational Cancer Consortium

​Singapore Translational Cancer Consortium (STCC) was established in 2020 as a nationally coordinated initiative and network to synergise cancer research and translational capabilities across Singapore. It aims to bring together Singapore’s best basic, clinical, and translational talent in Singapore, and advance global research and translational competitiveness to the next level by establishing and implementing collaborative cancer research programmes originating from the local cancer research community as well as partnerships from the industry.