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NCIS International Surgical Oncology Symposium

NCIS International Surgical Oncology Symposium

The 2nd International Surgical Oncology Symposium (ISOS) will be held in Singapore from 23 - 24 Sep 2022, where we will be exploring the theme of Precision Surgical Oncology.  

Improvements in surgical techniques, augmented by an exponential rise in peri-operative treatment strategies such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy has resulted in a paradigm shift in treating cancer. It is in this intersectionality of surgery, oncology, pathology and basic science that the field of surgical oncology is relevant now more than ever before.
This year's programme has been carefully curated and divided into 3 themes:
i)     Early detection: Prevention is better than cure
ii)    Innovation and personalizing therapy in cancer
iii)   Surgery in metastatic disease

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Download the event poster here.​